Skinners please help

Hi ORSM & Talented Skinners,

I know that ORSM had plans on releasing some Official addon seasons for the 2004, 2005 & 2006 Seasons for V8FU some time ago and i also understand how busy the team is and dont want to tread on any toes.

So firstly i am asking ORSM for permission make an UNOFFICIAL 2004 & 2005 skin pack/add on seasons for V8 Factor Unleashed.

If I receive the OK from ORSM to make these UNOFFICIAL Add on Seasons, Then I am Asking all the Talented Skinners in these Forums for some help to make these skins as i have no talent when it comes to painting a skin and would like it to be as good a quality as possible, I see some awesome skinners on here just wondering if anyone is willing to help me with this project? I can compile the skins and edit all the files to make an add on series, The skins would be for the VY Commodore & BA Falcon for 2004 and VY, VZ Commodore and BA Falcon for 2005 Currently Featured in the Community Content part of V8FU..

Thankyou in Advance if anyone is keen to help me out.

P.S I am Aware that there was VX Commodores and AU Falcons Competing in these Years but would rather see those Liveries on VY & BA body Shapes than not at all.


We didn't really push this season because people are always more interested in the new and now. Not so match the old and has been.

I have 03, 04 and 06. No 05 for some reason. None are finished. Like I said, The interest just wasn't there another to finish them.
I'm happy to help out, would be a matter of permission by ORSM, and then sourcing good quality images of all the liveries from those years.
Thanks for the reply Doug i would really like to add these seasons to my collection being able to race every season from 03 to present would be awesome! is it possible to get what you have? it would be a great start to the add on, Each skin that is included will be credited to it Creator in a ingame and in a Read me file..


Your welcome to add what you like to the "Community Section" Adding a season is simple enough. Just like I did with the VE and FG in the Custom_Series you can have what models you need for that season.

As for adding them in the Main seasons, Not sure. I know ORSM hasn't done them as was promised but we still might finish them. We don't want two seasons the same in there. It could cause conflict with naming as well. Being in the community section it would be 100% separate from the seasons.
Thanks Doug,

I will proceed with this as a skin pack for the community content Part of V8FU unless I hear from Team ORSM before completion of the pack.

Doug are the skins you have your property or ORSM's? If they are yours would you consider helping us out and finishing some of them or submitting them towards this skin pack for someone to finish off? Any help would be greatly appreciated and not having to start completely from scratch would be a big advantage.



I can do a few skins if you like, let me know which one`s you need. although it may be best to see if Doug will share what he has so far.


Whether I did them or not they still belong to the ORSM group and will be released in the main seasons if it gets done. So no, Mine aren't available, sorry.
Best of luck with it though. It's going to be really hard getting ref for those seasons now inetpics and V8 supercars bigpond are the main sore for those years and both are now gone. The new V8 Supercar site is next to useless even for pic of current races.
This is the best one I know off left to us. There are 3 fields near the top of the page were you can choose the years. You wont get track or round liveries and Bathurst you may not get all the changes on all the cars for.

If someone knows a new site or one that would help then please post a link.
I've got heaps of pics of the BAs on my PC from a lot of angles, including some of the lesser known ones (03' Tratt BA, late 04' Ellery, 04' Thexton, etc.) so if you need any, let me know.

I don't have much of the Commodore stuff though.


can you just confirm these skins are FG and VE templates, also it may be an idea to grab a screenshot of those cars you mentioned so there`s no confusion.
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Hi Guys.. This was always a plan, but due to the volume of work vs the demand, they kinda got shelved with real life taking priority.

I can say the reason dougs hasn't got 05 is because it is sitting on my Hard drive. It was originally put together by ChaosF1, myself and I think 1 other (without looking at it closely, but was also originally built for the first V8Factor release, so when we built Unleashed there were some graphical changes in the models that had an impact on some of the skins.

If there is enough demand, I could compile what we have, but they would be skins based only, with no suits and Helmets.

Lets see what this thread can offer.
still_bacon, that would be good if you can get them out there. I know I can live without the suits and helmets, but if people want them, they can have a go of making them. With all the effort that you've put into making the skins, it would be a shame not to have them released for people to enjoy.