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Skins SKIN PACK Addon for Endurance Pack 2.05

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How come all the skins are white (or not displayed) in the replay? I had to delete it to get back the original skins .. when i install your packs again it turns up white (or with no skin at all) in the replays .. does it mean we need another update of the packs? I have this with all your addon packs
I just viewed some replays from Lime Rock, Le Mans and Sebring and all the liveries from my skin packs look great so the problems you are experiencing must be on you end plus nobody else made similar complaints!

To provide further help i would need the track version and car mod version your experiencing these problems with.

Note: Be sure you are using the newest S397 track and car updates!


SpeedyMite Racing
Well that could be the problem: if you're viewing a replay that doesn't correspond to the cars you have installed now, I guess the skins won't show up…
Those updates are a pain, they should not break every skins pack. That's just graphics, they should not be linked to a specific version of the car imho.
That's just graphics, they should not be linked to a specific version of the car imho.
It's more than graphics since you're able to continue your race at a later date from that replay thus a little more complicated and in my humble opinion why you need the exact track and car versions for it to work.
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Love these skins but alas I believe the recent update broke them again
The recent S397 updates broke my skin pack addons and rendered them once again useless! Presently i believe it's not worth my time to provide update fixes until i see some type of S397 update normalcy!
Can I ask what version of the game your packs work? Thanks
Sorry, but my Skin Pack addon updates has ended for now so they will no longer work and i believe it's not worth my time and effort to provide update fixes atleast until i see some type of S397 update normalcy.
hai perfettamente ragione. è ridicolo da parte dei s397 vanificare il lavoro in questo modo:pazzo:
¡Las actualizaciones de S397 rompieron mis paquetes muchas veces, lo que me dio muchas frustraciones para rehacer todo una y otra vez y por qué terminé esto!