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Skill of Sim Racing (Video)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BYTYRON, Feb 26, 2012.



    Hi friendly people on the General Chat board of Race Department,

    I'm a friend of EMRNL, one of many F1 league racers on the board. For weeks I've been at his side at either practice races or championship races. What fascinated me was that before F1, he wasn't all that much of a racing gamer. So to see him battling it out with a lot of good guys on a weekly basis - who practice their ass off - is sort of a unique thing to me. I know there are a lot of people on this forum who dedicate time and passion into becoming a skilled virtual driver. I once was an avid gamer, so I guess the gamer in me relates to that.

    I wanted to paint a quick portrait of who a sim racer could be, and especially who EMRNL is when he gets behind the wheel. The sheer fact I can't drive F1 for two bits (nothing BUT black flag) adds to my appreciation for a lot of racers on the board. It takes skill, concentration and dedication. So I made a short video. About a guy. Who likes Race Department.

    (I know I'll tick him off by posting this on the board, but that's okay - he ate my apple turnovers anyway!)