Featured Sizable New Need For Speed: Payback June Update Released

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    EA have released a rather impressively large new update for Need for Speed Payback recently.. including some new cars too...

    Featuring new content, new features and plenty of improvements amongst other goodies, the latest update for Need for Speed Payback is a pretty impressive one it must be said, and is all the more pleasing that EA continue to support the title following its release at the end of 2017.

    Deployed to console and PC versions of the game earlier this week, some of the key highlights from the June update include not one but three new DLC cars, the lovely Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the rugged Land Rover Range Rover Sport and of course some American muscle in the form of a rather fetching, and appropriately loud Chevrolet Colorado ZR, going all big and wild in the 4wd world!

    I'll hand over to the words of the NFS team themselves to explain more about the new June 2018 update for Need for Speed Payback below:

    June Update Features

    AllDrive: Quick Races
    Beat your friends anytime, anywhere. Now you can create your own races in AllDrive and invite everyone in your Hangout session to join. Select a destination, send an invite to other players on the server, and be the first across the finish line.

    All Car Level Caps Bumped to 399
    We tested out Eddie's Skyline last time, and now every ride can become a beautiful beast. With this patch, all cars can reach a max level of 399, up from 299. This is one of our most requested changes, and we can't wait to see the superb builds you create.

    Car Pack
    Grab these three cars in a fresh paid DLC car pack:
    • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio - Try your luck in a gambler's paradise with this sleek ride. Its distinct Italian design sends a message when it rolls up to the starting line: you can't beat class.
    • Chevrolet Colorado ZR - This off-roader is ready to tear up the streets and the sands of Fortune Valley. With a beefed up engine, you'll leave the competition in a cloud of dust!
    • Land Rover Range Rover Sport SV - A ride this burly leaves an impression on and off-road. Those looks aren't just for show—it looks and drives like a beast.
    Wrap Slots
    A garage full of customized rides is great, but the more cars you have, the more space you need to keep all the Wraps that go with them. We’ve heard your feedback and have increased the number of available wrap slots from 50 to 100.

    AllDrive: Chat Wheel
    We've seen all the creative ways you try to communicate in AllDrive and thought we'd make your options a little prettier. Now you can tell everyone how you really feel with the brand-new Chat Wheel. Select an emote and it will appear above your car for other racers to see, or as an indicator on a friend’s screen if they’re not looking at your ride.

    Speedlist Collision Paused at Race Start
    Nothing ruins a good Speedlist run like crashing at the starting line. Now, collision detection will be suspended for the first 10 seconds of Speedlist races, so you can break away from the pack before the carnage starts.

    Fresh Abandoned Cars: All 10 Street League Boss Vehicles
    Show everyone you’re the boss when you collect the cars of every street league leader, plus some iconic Need for Speed rides. Based on your feedback we'll be dropping one car per week into the deserted parts of Fortune Valley, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Toggle UI On and Off
    Want an even more immersive experience without all the maps and stats in your face? Toggle all UI on and off whenever you like. You can practically feel the digital wind in your hair.

    Vanity Items
    Cop Car Sirens
    Make your friends feel the heat with four different cop car vanity horns. It pairs perfectly with . . .

    Multicolor Underglow
    We're introducing a huge variety of multicolor Underglow with different rarity levels – become a physical and visual hazard on the roadway, and look good doing it. Combine the sirens and red-and-blue Underglow, then launch into a high speed chase.

    Customize your ride even more with 24 unique rims, eight each from 3SDM, fifteen52, and HRE Performance Wheels:
    • Fifteen 52 - Outlaw 003, Penta GT 3 Piece, Evo SC Block 3 Piece, RSR Apex 3 Piece, RSR Chicane 3 Piece, RSR Holeshot 3 Piece, RSR Stage 3 Piece, TurboMac SC 3 Piece
    • 3SD - 3.0 1 V2, 3.01 FX2, 3.05, 3.33 FX2, 3.06 FR, 3.35 FX2, 3.41 FR, 3.66 FR
    • HRE - 305 Mono, 935, C109, P200, R101, RS106, S107, S201H
    Full June 2018 Update Notes
    • New feature: AllDrive: Quick Races
    • New feature: AllDrive: Chat Wheel
    • New car: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    • New car: Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
    • New car: Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
    • Feature improvement: Level caps bumped to 399 (all cars).
    • Feature improvement: Speedlist collision paused at race start.
    • Feature improvement: UI can be toggled on and off.
    • Feature improvement: Cop car sirens added to horn list.
    • Feature improvement: Multicolor Underglow added to Underglow list.
    • Street league boss vehicles and iconic Need for Speed cars added to Abandoned Car list.
    • New rims added.
    • The game no longer goes into an infinite loading state when the player enters the Store from the main menu after purchasing Car Packs on a different account.
    • The game no longer goes into an infinite loading state when the player visits the Store, then returns to the “Start” tab by pressing [LB].
    • Adjusted pins so boss and seasonal abandoned cars can be distinguished from regular ol’ abandoned cars.
    • Corrected an error on the “Controller” tab that misstated the location of the horn button. Free the beep!
    • The game no longer freezes during AllDrive: Hangout sessions when the player remains idle for two minutes on the airport runway. We still advocate against getting run over by a plane.
    • The "Maximum Insanity" achievement has been fixed so it only unlocks when the criteria are met. You have to work for it.
    • Fixed an inconsistent color coding issue that appeared once players reached the maximum number of Wraps.
    • The "Free Ember Militia" event has been fixed so AI Racers don’t get stuck at the 1.90 milestone when the player doesn’t accelerate for 20 seconds after the race starts on Hard difficulty.
    • The game no longer crashes if the player is in the first place at the 2.63km mark during the “Liftoff” sprint race.
    • Updated the mapping of the Controls button, which was written incorrectly in the Controls Menu while a player was in Snapshot Pro during an AllDrive Hangout.
    • Inundated an outdated submission validator with updates.
    • The Paint & Wrap menu on Garage screen got its caption text back.
    • We upped the realism on the concrete barrier near the “Ludicrous Speed Go!” Speed Trap, so players can no longer clip through and fall under the bridge.
    • Same as the above with the concrete barrier near the “On the Books” Speed Trap.
    • We put a bit more space between a rocky formation and the trailer located east of "A Bumpy Ride" Speed Run so players don’t get stuck in the gap.
    • We did the same thing with a tree and a rock near the "Spin That Tire" Drift Zone.
    • Players can no longer drive up an invisible wall between the “Smuggler's Trail” Speed Run and the “Well Played” Drift Zone.
    • Players can no longer drive out of Fortune Valley’s tangible reality near the fence east of the “Just Keep Drifting...” Drift Zone.
    • Now when players turn off the "Auto Reset on Crash" feature on Speedlists, races don’t auto-reset on crash.
    • The game no longer stalls when the player wanders into the IXP during a streaming install.
    • When a player accesses the Shipments store using an account with a lot of Speed Points, it doesn’t crash the game anymore.
    • Headers now work as intended when the player is in a Speedlist.
    • Made a street north of the “Don’t Fall For It!” Speed Trap completely traversable.
    • Collision has been fixed in a variety of places throughout Fortune Valley for maximum crash-assurance.
    • The camera no longer clips through the rocky formation on the east side of the road while driving south of the "What Brake Pedal?" Speed Run.
    • Rubber-banding has been fixed in multiple Speedlist events.
    • Traffic AI no longer clips through the police barrier at the 2.20 mile mark in the “Alley Escape” event.
    • Floating pedestrians east of "The Sauce" Drift Zone event have been brought down to Earth.
    • An invisible wall has been removed from the hills behind the "Gone Baby Gone" Speed Trap in the western part of the Canyons area.
    • The “Supernova” race can no longer be started from underneath the suspended highway starting point.
    • Something scared all the AI opponents away from the narrative version of the "5.2.3 Junkyard Slalom" event – probably your driving skills. We coaxed them back.
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to get a "Disconnected from session – Error Code: DR1012" error when trying to join a multiplayer Ranked Speedlist session from the multiplayer lobby.
    • Text on vanity items is now readable.
    • Recently added rims rotate normally when switching between them now, instead of going crazy.
    • Fixed an impressive error that made players fall under the map during progressive download install and crashed the game.
    • Players can now rest easy knowing that they won’t fall through anything southeast of the “Look Good Feel Good” Speed Trap, near the billboard.
    • Game mode now shows correctly in the header when the player is in AllDrive.
    • Fixed a Bait Crates error that kept events from ending after the player reached the escape point.
    • The game now tracks jump distance correctly, even when the player is using a 512kbps bandwidth connection, which used to record a longer jump distance. Nice try, folks.
    • Routing now works even when the player drives the wrong direction in Bait Crates.
    • Fixed an error that kept all but one of the Bait Crates from spawning cops. It was literally too easy.
    • The intended route for a Bait Crate event now shows on the map all the time, even after the start of the event, because this isn’t a quiz.
    • Repaired the in-game GPS so it always shows the fastest route to the escape point, even if the player veers off the intended route.
    • Fixed an error that caused players to lose Part Tokens after restarting the game.
    • Traffic cars no longer disappear from the world after the player completes Speedcross events on generic.
    • Cars can no longer miss the last checkpoint of the “Braxton Madness” Speedcross event by jumping over it at high speed.
    • The distance from the player to the finish line is now displayed correctly between the Sky Pillar and the indicator in the top right corner in AllDrive: Hangouts.
    • The Underglow color on the "Vanity Items" menu screen now takes the hint and actually goes away after you remove it.
    • Completing jumps no longer rewards you with an intermittent popping noise that lasts more than three minutes.
    • Transitioning from a previous casual Speedlist server to a new casual Speedlist puts you right into the action, instead of dropping you in a strange parallel universe where you can’t see other players or checkpoints (but they can see you).
    • Exorcised cars that started their engines and raised their suspension on their own when the player opened Snapshot Pro.
    • Applied a bit of graphic design magic to Air Suspension and Horn vanity items so that black font doesn’t make them unreadable.
    • Cars can’t climb over the border separating the green space and the road south of "Sunset Street" Speed Trap anymore. No more Spidercar.
    • A pedestrian was spotted floating near the garage on the first floor of a building. He hasn’t been seen since.
    • Entering a perfectly normal-looking corner of an alley near the "Jump In! No Time To Explain!" jump no longer resets the game.
    • One day we’ll have floating cars, but until that day comes we’ve removed them from the "Stargazer's Ascent" Drift Trial finish line.
    • Players no longer get level 15 or higher parts from the narrative events in "Chapter 2" when completing them with Eddie's car. Nice try!
    • A new group leader is now automatically selected after the initial group leader leaves a multiplayer party.
    • It used to be difficult for players to collect the poker chip near the "Razor's Edge" Sprint Race with the McLaren P1 due to . . . the height of the car. We smoothed that out.
    • Players driving the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera had the same problem collecting the poker chip from the mansion north of the airfield for the same reason. No longer.
    • The Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 Hood Camera doesn’t clip through the hood anymore after it’s damaged.
    • The performance values for Volkswagen Beetle 1963 Spring Car don’t decrease anymore when the player applies a higher-level Speed Card. It was rather counterproductive.
    • A gap between Mansory front fenders and bumpers on the Mercedes-AMG G 63 has been removed.
    • The preview image of the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria CVPI went into hiding, but we found it.
    • The wheels on the 1969 Dodge Charger no longer clip through the front Ghost fenders while the player is steering and hitting the brakes/accelerating backward.
    • Fixed an issue that kept the "Air Suspension" vanity item on the 2008 Ford Crown Victoria CVPI from working when the player presses [LS] to stop the engine.
    • Fixed a graphical error on the 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT8 front fender.
    • More than a few rims were clipping through more than a few wheels and fenders – now they don’t.
    • Tires no longer clip through their fenders on the 1988 BMW M3 Evolution IIE30 off-road build when the player turns off the engine and has Air Suspension equipped.
    • Tires were added back into the visual customization list for the 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT8.
    • The 1965 Chevrolet C10’s taillights have been reattached to the car even when the player applies the "Race Super Build" and the first "Ghost" rear fenders.
    • Rivets for the Land Rover Defender 110 are now painted the same color as the body kit, instead of being left unpainted.
    • The Beck Kustoms F132’s wheels no longer spin at top speed immediately after drifting.
    • Core QA Senior Test Director and Test Site Manager have been added to the Need for Speed Payback credits, where they belong.
    • Returned a misplaced chevron to its home next to the last checkpoint in "Keep On Drifting" Drift Zone.
    • Made multiple other tweaks, fixes, and improvements.

    Need for Speed Payback June Update 2.jpg

    Need for Speed Payback is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC now.

    If you want some more speedy thrills when away from your gaming machine then get ready for our upcoming new Need for Speed Payback sub forum here at RaceDepartment, a great place to check out the mods, discussions and news around EA's latest entry into the Need for Speed gaming franchise.

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    What are your impressions of Need for Speed Payback? Which car do you enjoy the most? Do you like the new update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    hmmm. Alfa Giulia QV, sounds like i should check it out
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  3. thepharcyde


    It's on Steam sale currently too. Not my sort game unfortunately
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  4. Thombike


    RD is a simfan site or NFS fan site? I ask because Im little...confused...
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  5. Dr. Death

    Dr. Death

    You mean Origin? But i share the same thought. Even with all the criticism it got, i feel that i would want to play the NFS 2015 instead, and have NFS U2 nostalgia instead of this game.
  6. Raikku


    It's still crap. What ppl think when they make driving games with driving feel like in these newer NFS's. Even in arcade, it's possible to make decent and predictable driving feel. But some publishers doesn't even try.
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  7. Alex72


    Seeing screenshots of this game it looks amazing. Then when i watch videos of it i go "ehh.....". :D
  8. Trebor901


    I dont think its crap at all. For a game you can just pick up and play its perfectly suitable. Better than The Crew 2 by miles and cant complain at free dlc every month
  9. makan


    I'm testing Crew 2 open beta now, should say it's far far better than nfs.
    NFS is dead now , forza horizon and crew 2 are the best super arcade games we have these days.
    Sims are racing games, we are all gamers.
    RD is a forum about virtual racing (games), so why you think NFS and other titles like that shouldn't follow by RD?
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
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  10. Andrew_WOT


    It's not that bad, PC graphics is pretty stunning, PS4 not so much. Driving is "okay" for arcade, driftish, hit the brakes and turn. Much better overall than 2015 disaster, offroading is a lot of fun.
    FH3 is much better though.
    Between this and Crew2 (played closed beta) it's probably a toss.
    Decent grab if on sale.
  11. Sun Levi

    Sun Levi
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Premium

    It's a "racing" game fan site.
  12. ozm8ey


    Is this game still upgrade your car using cards?
  13. snyperal


    I'm waiting for my baseball cap to be delivered before I buy this.
  14. Thombike


    Because I understand "racing" little different, as it is in these games.
  15. Andrew_WOT


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  16. M-Bimmer

    Still on 20” winter tyres. Back to 22” soon

    Hmm time to dust off the ps4 and kill some hours during weekdays with this update...
  17. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    payware :(

    well, for game that's probably not played anymore ( I havent' played it for quite a while), I don't feel like spending more money on it , even-though I would have loved to test that Alfa
  18. cjackson


    I wish car upgrading was like previous games. Other than that It is a bit better than 2015 version and quite fun for me. But I still hope we get good street racing game with decent customizations wtih better arcade racing.
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  19. Andrew_WOT


    Was hoping Crew2 will be that, but it's not, was quite disappointed after playing beta, definitely off my list of future purchases.
    Nothing beats FH3 at the moment, hopefully FH4 won't disappoint either.
  20. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek

    I think I might buy Crew2, but not for the full price

    yep, the card upgrade system for NFS is really bad idea, but visually it looks great so maybe the nextone could be a good one to buy
    I would love to have something like Hot Pursuit, where I could again drive cop car as well
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