Single Player - Gearbox settings always revert to auto

I had been ignoring this game for long time so it was time to buy 5000 rvp and start racing and testing a bit this game.

Coming along nicely and I liked what I saw, heard and felt....just one frustrating thingy....

in Single Player the Gearbox settings always revert to automatic and its so frustrating me! Anyone had this issue????


Sonat Ozturk

Sector3 Studios
Hi Stefan,

Where do you change the setting? If you change it in the Vehicle Settings in the menus it will be the default from that point on.

If you change it while you're on the track, it will only be for that session.
Yes, I did it in the vehicle settings 3 times :) Then I also closed the game and restarted to be sure. When the game started, the setting was Manual...but when I went to race it went back to automatic...

Thanks for your quick feedback!

EDIT:I have now tried a different thing...instead of race only event with rolling start, I added qualify session and the transmission is not disabled anymore, at least I can now change it :)
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what physics model are you using? Get real, novice or amateur?

I always use Get Real. Like I said, it only happened when I only set a Race session (no practice and qualify) and start race with rolling. When added qualify session and chose it manually, then it always remained Manual.


Jay Ekkel

just double checking, i believe in the other games (not in get real) the default settings is auto gears, which might have been the cause of your troubles