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    The first night race of Formula SimRacing, taking place in Marina Bay, Singapore, became an hard challenge for GhostSpeed overall during the weekend. In the FSR AutoGP World Championship, Dennis Hirrle had a relatively calm race after mistakes from Greco and Tali made him climb to 4th, behind Bruno Marques that he followed during most of the race. Dennis kept his 4th position until the finish line, adding another good result to his records since he returned to racing this season.

    In FSR World Series, Lukas Euler and Stefan Kanitz took part for GhostSpeed Racing Team. Stefan had a better qualify and race start. After a long battle for several laps with Rietveld, Stefan passed him to get 2nd. But later, a mistake by Stefan, pressing the wrong button when coming into the pits, ended his race spinning into the wall. The team is now re-designing his steering wheels to prevent this to happen again and allow Stefan to accomplish a strong result in Suzuka.
    Lukas in the other hand, had a bad start of the race when in the formation lap the driver in front of him collided into the wall and surprised Lukas that didn’t have enough time to react and collided into him loosing his front wing. Both drivers had to start from the pitlane putting them at the back of the field. Even so, Lukas pushed as much as he could and climbed several positions until he reached 6th in the last moments after a great overtake on Muhammed Patel. It was a good result by Lukas in this tough race.

    In FSR World Trophy, Eduard Mallorquí was the driver of the race for GhostSpeed by finishing 2nd in a lonely race for him. He kept focus all race in this demanding track and brought his car to the finish line to achieve a great result for him and the team.
    Mark Aalberts was having a strong race too, fighting with a group of drivers for 3rd, but a few mistakes made him fall behind to 7th where he finished. It was still a good result for Mark that has been showing good pace in the last races.
    Martin Gosbee and Ferry Koek were on the wrong side of the happenings though and retired from the race early. Martin even started from the front row, but again problems with a steering wheel button made him jump start and then everything went wrong for him in a single lap that led him to retire. Ferry Koek was also involved in a few incidents in the first lap and with him suffering from pain in his body he was unable to continue.


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