Sell SimXperience Accuforce Pro v2


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Hi everyone,

I'm selling my SimXperience Accuforce v2 Pro. I got it in January, but as I was not that hot on simracing for the past couple months I have only had it in use for a couple 100 hours total. I comes with everything the Pro version is listed with here: and also includes my key for the SimCommander software (or login if the key doesn't work) and the mounting brackets:

It works as well as it did when I got it and has no scuffs on the ouside apart from a few small scratches where the mounting brackets are attached. Light use of the Alcantara on the wheel. Of course everything will be packaged into its original box with all the spacers and foam that I got it with, and the original box will be packed into an additional box with more dampening to keep it safe. Pictures are available of course.

I'm looking to get EUR 700 for the wheel including the mounting brackets. I live in Austria and will send it with the Österreichische Post. The package is ~17kg, so postage is EUR 22,31 within Austria or EUR 51,91 EU-wide. Both rates include the costs for handling & liability for items above EUR 500,-.

If you're interested, let me know.

Firstly, this is the link to the pictures:

Secondly, I misremembered scratching the base when mounting it. It is fine at the sides, but there is a scratch on the top left of the wheel base. There is a somewhat blurry picture of the scratch in the link above. It also comes with a spare USB cable, a power cable for UK plugs and a generours abount of mounting screws. There is also a printed manual for assemply of the mounting brackets. All other instructions can be found on the SimXperience homepage.
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