Simracing.GP | New Features, New Tools And New Users In Latest Press Release

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In Argentina we have a grid of 40 or more drivers per week.
We only use ACC
ACC allows us to filter drivers by a coefficient called "SA".
This allows us to create a mixed grid.
with trusted drivers from our community (by entrylist.json)
external drivers with SA > 85 to cite an example.

So, I would like to apply this criterion in SGP for our ACC community.

Is it possible?

I would like to have the profile of League Admin to deepen the topic
and collaborate on this feature.

Thanks in advance !


Hey thanks for the feedback, much appreciated as always.

I think maybe people have the wrong impression of what we are offering.

We don't really see this as an iracing competitior. We're not developing a game, it's a platform for communities to run their own operations.

As for policing driving standards, it's really down to the communities you drive with. For example RCI do live stewarding on all their events, sgp don't have any say in how they run their events.

Yes, sgp will enforce driving standards on events we run but it's down to the communities how they manage their own events.

Think about sgp a little like YouTube.

YouTube = sgp
YouTube channels = sgp communities
Channel videos = community races and championships.

YouTube don't tell creators what to make. However, like YouTube, we will have overarching community guidelines which will protect communities and other drivers from trolls, offensive behaviour etc.

Hope that makes sense.

it does clarify things, thanks for that. Put in that perspective, it makes perfect sense :thumbsup:

However, like YouTube having algorithms that scan for copyright audio, it would be nice for a points/karma system could be implemented on a per-community basis, to be implemented by said community if they that it’s an optional tool.
From reading the article it looks like this is going to be a free service for drivers and groups but the wording is not 100% clear.
Could someone comfirm that it is free and that it will remain that way?
A few have asked this already but I can't see an answer. If there are going to be costs I'd like to know them in advance.
It's not an answer, but it's an article that helps to understand the idea of SGP.
I imagine a Race2play with superpowers.



Berlin, DE
I doubt it will remain completely free forever. But I very much hope there also will be a free of charge membership for the occasional drivers and those who cannot afford to pay for the service. The more people - the better.

Wayne Hutchison

The going rate for this type of service that any member can use to host races and leagues is $3 per month net and $0.50 per hour of server time.


Exciting days, looking forward to the official release!
Well done to all the sgp team and in particular to @Bram Hengeveld, Steve and the amazing SW developer Tomas for the investment of passion and time to make this the true portal to simracing.
We at OTCR have been lucky to be part of the impressive journey from the early phase.
Even with sgp in closed Beta, our community doubled the size and gained a lot of new good drivers that share the same passion of relaxed and friendly racing.
Thank you again
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well let me say that Devs silence is quite odd...I mean...or they don't have a pricing plan still or they are looking for groups, let them used to it and then drop the pricing model...
I will wait then... better know how it works before joining...


I will wait then... better know how it works before joining...
@Bram Hengeveld did explicitly say in the thread @Luis Mercury mentioned above that there were no plans to charge:


Nope. It's a free service as long as it's fair use, no subscription is needed if you don't want to and this is a service for all drivers, leagues and esport series out there. A unique third party tool everybody will benefit from once it goes full steam ahead.

He followed up after someone questioned what the catch was (get ready for a direct Dutch response! :D) :


It's an ambitious project for sure, but the way I see it, the only way it's going to succeed is for people like you and I to get involved and take part. I don't think you really have anything to lose to at least try it out. :thumbsup:
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