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Simracing.GP fills gap created by global shutdown of motorsports

Ruy Horta

Feb 17, 2014
Hmm, Esports and Sports are completely different.
Sure driving cars can be more closely simulated on a computer than driving a motorcycle, or field sport, but it is still a simulation.

I absolutely don’t care about Esport, other than a quick YouTube check of something I am directly interested myself - buying a new game, car or track. Or at best because I find the content creator amusing, as in general entertainment. But watching a bunch of people doing an Esports race to me is boring as hell, even if the commentators Try to spice it up.

Racing is danger.
No danger, no real racing.
Call it the “pucker” factor.
Add real g-forces etc and we are talking business.
Close calls, accidents etc
The real McCoy.

Esports is pretending.
It takes skill, just like pacman or space invaders once did.

I am generalizing I know, but this drive to Esports is IMO looking for commercial opportunity, not really a bottom up wish by gamers.

Besides better prepare for the “gender” discussion too...

All blatantly IMO.
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Apr 4, 2015
Esports are awesome, they're like icing on the cake. I hope the actual cake is not going to be forgotten.

I suppose there are some good money potential in esports. But the roots of simracing isn't there. Its us casual amateurs racing, and driving cars that are supposed to handle realisticly. Although general public focus on realism aspect of simulation keeps on fading away. I hope Esports will not result in commercialising the genre to the point of it becoming a fortnite. In case simracing focus turns away from providing random racing for casual amateurs to pleasing elite competition formats and attracting amateurs to watch instead of racing themselves. I hope it will also switch to best possible achievable realism, now that developers won't have to satisfy flawed understanding of what it means to drive car at the very limit that average simracer has. That IMO would be good compensation. Just simply let unskilled people to be upset that they can't handle the car on the limit, aliens can take on full blast of realism.
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Feb 8, 2017
RD might want to add the F1 series to the list of games...

F1 to hold eSports virtual GPs for each of the cancelled races.



Oct 7, 2018
Tried contacting them via email and contact form but neither work, does anyone know of any alternatives? Can’t find much online. Am keen to find out if they Would like help with Operations Management. Thanks.


Oct 16, 2010
Besides better prepare for the “gender” discussion too...
What discussion is there to have ? Same as it's always been : everyone on the same racetrack. Formula W wasn't needed IRL and segregation isn't needed in simracing either. I am (though I'm pretty sure I could write "we are" here) not interested in racing only against other women.
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Richard Hessels

Jul 23, 2008
Why nobody mentioned this race?
The Race All-Star esports Battle Rd. 2 - Bahrain F1 GP alt. event (rFactor 2 + Indianapolis)

RACERS CONFIRMED: (updated 20th March) Max Verstappen Neel Jani Nico Hulkenberg Nicki Thiim Ed Jones Antonio Felix Da Costa Juan Pablo Montoya Sebas Montoya Philip Eng Charlie Eastwood Maximilian Günther Harry Tincknell Johnny Adam Ross Gunn Nelson Piquet Jnr Dani Juncadella Jann Mardenborough Nick Cassidy Wolfgang Reip Rudy Van Buren James Baldwin Jimmy Broadbent Steve Alvarez Brown Dries Vanthoor Abbie Eaton James Davison Callum Ilot Felix Rosenqvist Tony Kanaan Paul O'Neil Devlin De Francesco Lachlan De Francesco Tom Dillmann Bradley Smith Adam Christodoulou Juan Manuel Correra Sim racers confirmed: Aurélien Mallet Bono Huis Brendon Leigh Erhan Jajovski Jernej Simoncic Kamil Pawłowski Kevin Siggy Lucas Blakely Mitchell de Jong Sebastian Job



Sep 2, 2014
Okay so where's the server would you expect long latency if you're far from Europe?

Jonathan Young

Dec 10, 2018
I do think something like this is needed and actually long overdue. If this can be a more professional SMS and a multi platform iracing, then I’m all in.

but I agree with others that esports is not really relevant to me or to all of the other folk that spend a lot of time and more importantly, money on simracing. We do this for fun and because it’s our hobby that we’re passionate about. Esports is only for the elite few. That’s not us, or at least not many of us. And if I wanted to watch elite racing drivers then I’d watch the real thing. Or at least I would of it wasn’t for this darn virus..

on that point, I agree with the post above that the headline is clickbait And frankly in fairly poor taste. Please don’t try and capitalize on a global catastrophe like this, particularly when the headline is not even true, the service hasn’t even launched yet.
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