Simplicity deals

Early cyber Monday?! Simplicity seems to have been out of stock of the compact series for a while but just looked today and they are back, along with some striking deals on the bigger systems.

SW20 £618
SW25 £660
SW30 £780

All for shipping Jan 14th. Earlier batches are more £.

The SW12C is £630 for Dec 14th shipping. Wait a month and get the 20 for less seems like a sensible option... (For some definition of sensible.)

Seems a bit too good to be true, but I guess the CC company might come to the rescue if they're about to go belly up...

The SW10 is enough but for the same price i would have go with the SW20 of course.

I have now the DD1 PS4 and i don't use it in high torque mode.
As a wise man once said, those are exactly my sentimonies. I've pulled the trigger on the SW20, but somehow I think my old Game Racer might need an upgrade to handle it!

I better start getting in some wrist exercises in the meantime. As it were.
It's not the risk of not getting the wheel that is the problem, it's the closed software that may not have any future support that is.
True but maybe a friendly software developer will reverse engineer it and develop some open software to drive it if the need arises...

I'm a software developer, but not very friendly.
The hardware has changed, the board is now a Simplicity design across all wheels they now sell. They haven't sold Simucubes in quite a while.