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Simple Tire Modding for GTR 2

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by HypoToad, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. HypoToad


    This would probably work for other similar games as well.

    I have found that you can alter the speed and cornering/handling of cars easily by changing two settings in the .tyr files in notepad. Here is a part of a .tyr file, notice the "Radius" and "Width" settings :

    Name="Soft Compound"
    DryLatLong=(1.800, 1.825) // Lateral/longitudinal coefficients in dry weather
    WetLatLong=(1.100, 1.100) // Lateral/longitudinal coefficients in wet weather
    Radius=0.310 // Radius of tire
    RadiusRPM=1.01e-6 // Increased radius per unit RPM
    Width=0.290 // Width of tire"

    First the Radius the smaller the figure the slower the car will go and vice verse, if you want your car to go a little faster you can simply increase the Radius of the tire by a "small" amount, trial and error is the key.

    Now the Width, this is where the handling changes come in, increase the amount from 0.290 to 0.320 and your car will have greatly increased grip on corners, but be aware if you increase it too much your car may tip over on corners, decrease it too much and you can turn it into a drift car.

    It's trial and error, I changed the tires completely on an E-Type Jag and couldn't work out why the car would not go as fast and would tip over on corners, that's because the new tires had a smaller radius and were much wider, I changed the Radius to the previous tires settings and then the Width, I experimented with the grip until I had the right combination of grip and slip.

    Back up your files first and remember you have front and back tires as well as different compounds in the same file.

    Hope this helps.
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