SimLine customer service feedback


Mar 18, 2018
Hi all,

Just wanted to share my experience with Lukasz from Simline who manufactures custom rims. I think it is important that within community we share good experiences as well as bad ones.

I bought my rim second hand, and it is now about a year old. A week ago clumsy me managed to brake one of the shifter paddles. Contacted Simline on Facebook last Monday evening to try and buy a replacement one. I have told Lukasz that my wheel is second hand, however to my surprise Lukasz offered to re-print whole back plate with paddle shifters included only for the price of shipping @ £16. He kicked off printing same night, and shipped items next day. I have now received my parcel and replaced whole backplate my wheel is as new now, and I cannot be happier!

P.S. if you are looking for new custom rim, you can find him on Facebook by searching for ""
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Apr 17, 2014
Thanks for the info as I am eyeing up a similar rim from simline from eBay. I notice in the photos yours is very similar. How is the quality of the build? What else can you comment on it?

Cheers in advance