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SimLeague Trackpack


David Hal

While surfing found this at RSC forum.

Uitko said:
Considering not the most real light the one in GTR Evo, we have made a private trackpack for our champ modifying the light and texture saturation of original tracks. We have made this also for GTR2 in the past.
This is what you can achieve by modding the gdb and dds files...(all shots ingame without post edit)

We like them :D
Download in this page
In the complete package (766 mb) tracks are:
Brands Hatch 2007
Brno 2007
Curitiba 2007
Estoril 2007
Magny Cours
Monza 2007
Oschersleben 2007
valencia 2007
Zandvoort 2007
In the other file (59 mb) there's Anderstorp and a small fix for Estoril track
Once installed you will find a category "SimLeague" in your tracks list
This will not overwrite your original tracks, so you can still race online without mismatches.
You can use them for your champs as long as you leave the installer as it is.
Author: Andrea "Xana"
Of course all credits go to Simbin for their incredible works
Enjoy it! :drive:
Link to topic in the RSC forum


Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
it does work online just the server runs this version not the original as you would with any addon track.

personally i get the idea but it looks too washed out. somewhere between the 2 may be a better option although the third and my prefered option is to sit back and wait patientley for the next gen simbin titles with better graphicall capabilties for my gfx cards to chew on.
Apr 27, 2008
IMO original looks alot better, sorry to say that, but that's my meaning :)
Fortunately we don't all have the same opinion. I think that the colours used on these tracks are very realistic compared with GTR-E original ones and I like them all ... but that's only my humble opinion :) !

Ries Notenboom

Sep 18, 2008
Ugh the original looks ok in terms of colours and all that but the lighting in the mod is like WAY WAY better. Less cartoony and far more realistic.
BUT the downside is that not only did they change the lightning it shamefully also affected the overall graphics on cars, curb colours and so on which make just not good enough.

It shows however another area where Simbin didn't put alot of resources on.

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