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Sell SimLab GT1 Alu Profile Rig

Sold sold sold sorry.

SimLab GT1 Profile rig for sale.

It’s not the lighter ('revised' - read 'cheaper' !) Evo version but the heavier built original.

It’s a p1x but with less heavy lower base profiles. The wheel deck area is the same. I have a wheel deck for it or the dd1 profile mount but doubt that will be much use here, so will sell separately. There’s a bunch of marks on the silver profiles but not scratches so it will polish up new. Super strong adjustable pedal deck.

This has been awesome and I only changed it cos my motion actuators were flexing the base profiles/joints. As a floor mounted rig, it has no equal !



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What have you replaced it with ? as i thought the original gt1 was pretty sturdy and would handle motion
I bought a p1x to replace it. It's done motion for the last 18 months or so but having started Dirt Rally-ing again I felt it was flexing - the bottom frame. Not the alu but maybe stressing the brackets, when one corner was being lifted by an actuator.

It's like a tank otherwise tho.

Highly recommended. I actually won a GT1 Evo last year and just sold it as it was nothing like as well done as my original GT1.
Weird, I ran my GT1 with SFX-100 actuators and never once thought it wasn't solid as a rock.
I was probably one of the first to get the black addition of the evo. And with my SFX-100 its truly solid. But then as op says he's running Dirt. Which I have no experience with. So his experience can be justified. Jmo