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Sell Simlab Dashboard UK


Simlab SD43-X Dashboard - Fully boxed and 100% complete.

These are €349.00 without shipping and fees when they are available from Sim-Lab. This one is £310 to your door in 48hours.

This is an absolutely bombproof dashboard.

Comes with adapters to fit both Fanatec & Simicube wheelbases. As well as the respective fittings.

This is plug-and-play with a USB to micro USB direct to your PC or into a USB hub. The Simlab cable is a little temperamental so I have included a better-braided one that is absolutely flawless.

For the dashboards themselves, I used Simhub but you can use Z1 or Simdash if you already have a license.

Lots of dashboards available on RaceDepartment to download if you want something specific.

£310 with postage to anywhere in the UK included

Any questions please ask!


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Sorry have now ammended the listing with price. I copied it from my Facebook listing and didn't realise it missed some detail off.

£310 posted tracked and signed for in the UK
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Evening. Apologies for the delay!
I bought it about 10 days ago from the previous owner who said he got it turn of the year. There are no moving parts as such so nothing that can go wrong with it, there is a screen cover on the screen, and the case is perfect condition. Obviously, once it's mounted other than dusting it there's no need to physically touch it so no real way to damage it or put wear in it.
For disclosure, I had ordered a Simcore dash prior to seeing this one, and 19 days after buying it hadn't shipped (Took a month to get to me and I got nailed for customs and handling). I saw this pop up online and immediately went for it. Then the Simcore one shipped and I ended up with two. My wheelbase is at an odd angle and the Simcore one has a slightly deeper mounting plate that allowed me to mount it marginally lower which meant it JUST fitted a shade better than the Simlabs one so it won the day. The Simlab one is a better looking piece of kit by a mile. the thick machined billet case is stunning with the carbon back piece and mounts. It's only marginally not quite 100% the right fit because of how I have my wheel> Truth be told if I hadn't of ordered the Simcore one I'd of kept it ( http://instagr.am/p/CLmFqGlhr2j/ )

If you want any more detail or have any questions, reply here or shoot me a private message.