SimHub templates for Automobilista/Rfactor

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by vettelsepp, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. vettelsepp


    Since a few days i use SimHub dash
    with a tablet to show data from Automobilista. A great piece of software
    I think most available templates are optimized to work in Assetto Corsa or Project Cars. So it will not work perfect. Are there any templates outside RD especially for Automobilista or Rfactor. I know, there is a built in editor to create own templates but atm i need a perfect working temp to get inspiration to do my own.
  2. Stingraymx


    I have no AMS templates (though the many filed under Assetto Corsa downloads work) but am hoping someone can shed some light on how to run simhub on a second screen (attached to the PC I run AMS on). Currently I can launch simhub and view it on the second screen but as soon as I flip back to AMS on the main screen, simhub goes back to the menu screen.
    Is this something to do with needing to run AMS in windowed mode (though am sure I have seen comments about that being a performance hit). Thanks