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SimHub RGB LEDs for new Editor

Misc SimHub RGB LEDs for new Editor 1.5

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basthard300 submitted a new resource:

SimHub RGB LEDs for new Editor - SimHub RGB LED Ensi Ferrum

To import, simply go to the new editor and select "Profiles manager" and at the bottom select "import profile".
obviously the conversion is suitable for both 16 and 32 LEDs.
"Ensi Ferrum" Plugins are required for operation.
this is my conversion to the new editor for those interested, with my small corrections.
I apologize for any mistakes !!
Have a good fun!!!!

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I see all the great shift light files, and I understand how to install those. I am a little confused on what I am supposed to do with the plugin files. Help?
Sadly, I am not getting this to work. I know the default shift lights work. Also I have the ENSIFERRUM plugin for dash studio... Sadly I can't get this to work. =/
well, you should know that the data test with this type of profile is not working right? because the parameters are specific attributed to the ENSIFERRUM dll, so nothing ... for any clarification, as they say, we are here !! for everyone who needs ;)
Where do you have to put the plugin files for proper operation?



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