SimHub REV Lights


I'm working on F1 Steering Wheel for my sim race rig.
I bought Arduino Pro Micro and I tested buttons matrix and the way how RGB leds works there.
Here is the problem and a few questions. For now i have one strip of WS2812B RGB leds with 8 diodes. Control redline it's working when I'm connecting Arduino to my PC, but I set colors from green to red, blinking is also enabled. But in game I have only from green to blue without blinking - yes, I tried every combinations of coding GRB, RGB etc.
Have you any ideas what can be wrong?

Second question is DRS. As probably you can see, many F1 cars have revs lights only from red to blue with blinking, but first 5 diodes are for DRS. I find informations that we can make flags lights so have you ever heard about DRS lights with Arduino?