SimHub - How to get a list of lap times?

I frequently host local hotlap competitions with friends and family on my home rig :p. I'm finishing up a custom SimHub dashboard that will be displayed on my secondary monitor for observers to watch and analyze while somebody is racing.

What I'd like is a list of the lap times and their delta to the session best (and/or all time best).

I'd prefer something like how the MultiLaps app displays lap times (disregard the config section on the right side of this screenshot):

I know there are already the two SimHub properties:
  • [PersistantTrackerPlugin.PreviousLap_00]
  • [PersistantTrackerPlugin.PreviousLap_00_DeltaToBest]
but these are limited to the 10 prior laps and they don't reset at the start of a new session.

Thank you for any help you are willing to provide! :thumbsup: