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Gui Cramer submitted a new resource:

SimHQ - Acura ARX and Porsche 919 Skins - A pack with full-teams based on real life cars.

So I was tired of only seeing green and decided to make a few cars. I spent dozens of hours on certain cars so the lines would match up and nightmarish things like Repsol's logo would look good on the 919. Anyway, this is the final result (for now)!

To match, there are specific team suits and at least one non-default ISI helmet per team. The pack contains:

- Brun 4 and 5
- Repsol 6 and 16
- Momo 230
- Rothmans 2 and 3
- Buzzin Hornets 9 and 10
- Patrón 18 and 19 painted by Rick...
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Dec 8, 2008
These are great skins..I did not know this mod existed its very good..but there are not any sounds for the Porsche. Does it borrow sounds from another mod that I don't have installed?


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This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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