Simgame video series


I have this idea floating in my mind about a simgame video series, combining different simgames together with a storyline.

For example, the main character Is a truckdriver who loves cars. Truckdriver has a homebase in ETS2 and moves from location to location with a truck. Maybe he gets an idea to go buy an old race car from a nearby city or even abroad. Then goes driving in Assetto Corsa on the many many tracks and irl roads the mods offer. Or a trip to germany to ride the ring? Maybe take a flight in Xplane11 to Tokyo, ride Shutoko and Daikoku wangan style, pickup a nice jdm car from a local modder and head to the hills for some drifty action. Flight to L.A? Ride Canyons, shoot guns at the range in Pavlov VR :)

I think there a lot of opportunities here for the community to come together cross genre. Riders of allmost every category, streamers, modders etc. I mean, we could stage cool stuff. And now with vr the videos are getting even better.

For example. The truckdrivers vehicle broke down just when he/she was going to leave for the airport. He calls midstream to another ETS2 streamer to come pick him up. Then they drive together to the airport and the truckdriver boards a plane of a xplane11 streamer. (You can multicrew in that game even i believe). They fly together to say Germany. Truckdriver gets of and continues on in the truck of local ETS2 streamer. They head to Aspertsham to try a new ride a friend has prepared. Then load it on the truck and off they go to Nurnburg to battle the ring Maybe meet a simracing crew or single driver/streamer at their local course/road/mod. Attend a simracing event as a driver or spectator/fan. Mixing up streams and beautiful prerecorded masterpieces like this with a little story mixed in:
Nice work Ph0b0s95 bigup!, so good :)

Problems for me are lack of same tracks, cars and props between ETS2 and Assetto. Xplane11 is good (even has a couple racetracks detailed, so you can really scope them from the air. OrthoXPHD whateva looks crazy good). We atleast need a couple of the ETS2 trucks converted to Assetto with the trailers and matching interior. And and couple of tracks for both games, like a big detailed garage/home base. Maybe the convert only the pit area of a track from Assetto to ETS2 so we can stage the video so it looks like we really drive the ETS2 truck to the track.

Is there something like his allready made or in the work that any know of? Would you follow a series like this? Anyone wanna share some ideas :)