Sell Sim Rig


I'm not your brake!
I am selling my old sim rig complete as 1 unit not separating. As I have a new rig to setup.
Pickup only Brisbane, Australia
Custom t-slot rig: Triple monitor, Keyboard, mouse, shifter, wheel mounts.
Triple montiors: 3 x Benq 23.5 inch
Wheel: Big mige 30 nm with src paddle shifter and control box on a Fanatec D shape rim.
Shifter: DSD sequential shifter.
Headphone: Audio-technica ath-m50x with mic mod.
Seat: Honda preliude seat with Gametrix KW-908 Jetseat attached.
Pedals: Fanatec csl elite.
Ipad for telemetry.

All leads for all attachements.
Not selling computer.
It is sold as a complete rig.

PS. Please don't ask as I am not separating anything.
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