Sim Racing with a Vibration Wheel


Is this feasible?

I guess what I am trying to find out it is, am I ultimately, fighting a losing battle, by trying to race properly with a Vibration feedback wheel. I have a Logitech Formula Vibration wheel, which works well with games such as F1 2013, Need For Speed, Grid etc.

Don't get me wrong, the game is playable with this wheel, (i can go around the track without crashing mostly), but in most cases, I am at least 10 - 15 seconds off the pace no matter which car or track. Playing GSCE by the way. I should also point out that this is only my 2nd week sim racing so, what i am thinking as well is, i just need a ton more practise.

At the same time, I just cant shake the feeling that the wheel is holding me back, as I have watched quite a few videos on sim racing and the guys keep on talking about feeling the car as you are driving which makes a lot of sense. Using a vibration feedback wheel, I am assuming you don't get anywhere near (if at all) the feel of what the car is doing.

Another thing is, the wheel only has 180 rotation, so I am sure that is playing a big part as well. The Formula Vee for example. Completely uncontrollable. I try turn the wheel no more than an inch and i get massive over steer sending the car into a spin. I tried turning down the steering lock but same thing.

Hopefully someone has played with a vibration wheel before and could possibly give me some advice. I know getting a proper wheel is number 1, but my question is. Could i save myself a lot of time and frustration by just waiting until i do get a proper wheel.

Thank you for any advice you could give, and enjoy your day.


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
Uhm, i am using a wheel without any response, no vibration, no force feedback. It has slightly less than 180° and is from before 2000.
For games like F1 2013 i still have enough pace, always have been very fast in these series, often in Top 100 times in time trial and also good in online leagues.

For simulations like Assetto Corsa its getting difficult i have to admit. I am doing more mistakes in general. I am not as precise. Its quite difficult but possible. I cant compete with the best players here but im also not too slow with my bad wheel.
Practice is everything, if you get used to it its possible to have decent times. in Race07 i could manage that, in AC i couldnt so far. 10-15 seconds sounds too much for me.



My lap times in games like F1 are not bad at all with this wheel. It does seem much trickier though with a sim, but then again, there are so many more factors at play with a sim compared to anything else I've played. So I am beginning to think while wheels such as the Driving Force GT or G25 are great, it is definitely possible using this wheel with a lot of practice and as you said, getting used to it and how the car handles.

Well after some more practice, I've managed to drop the deficit to about 6-7 seconds off the pace, so with a few months more practice who knows. I will definitely be getting a better wheel, just need to save a month, or two ( or three :) ) and get the Driving Force GT or something similar.

Paul Bennett

That wheel looks a little dated SCE maybe only see it as a gamepad controller, what settings are you using and have you set visual wheel rotation to 270 ?

Paul Bennett

All looks okay to me, you say times have improved so just keep at it. If and when you can upgrade to an FFB wheel things will fall into place with the sim.
I've purchased my first FF wheel 15 (!!) years ago, if you can't afford a DFGT, how come you are on a pc? Seriously though, it almost reads like the op is one big rhetorical question!
Before someone else is butt-hurt, upgrade as soon as possible and you will like simming more, it doesn't have to be expensive either, as you sort of discovered yourself already.
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