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Sim Racing | Quick Catch Up & Sorry For The Delays

Thank you for all the SIm news updates. It is still too bad that Codemasters doesnt add VR capabilities to F1 2020 since it is quite a popular F1 game. But we just have to live with it. I dont have the 2020 version but do have previous versions of this game. I do use VORPX with the versions I have and does give me 180 degree 3D effect with the game. So I can still use my Rift S headset with the F1 versions I have. take care.
Can you imagine how the numbering system for rF2s UI would look like, if they had one? It's been in Beta now for what feels like several millenniums, and has been changed a gazillion times.
It's been in beta for a year, almost exactly. It's no longer considered beta I think (regardless of the state it actually is in).

Also, if you want to see versioning getting completely out of hand, you don't have to go very far - just look at internet browsers. Chrome is currently somewhere around version 90 I believe, and Firefox around 85 I think.


Can I also have my OCD moment here? I am Italian so it's not even my mother tongue, but please, please:

You're (you are) , your ("which belongs to you", possessive)
It's (It is), its ("which belongs to it", possessive)
Break (damage), brake (slow down a vehicle)
Would of thought (???), would have thought (past conditional)

Ok I feel slightly better now.:sick:
Sorry, cannot resist (and I do understand English is not your native language :), mi dispiace ), but "would of thought" is just the phonetic misinterpretation of "would've thought" :sneaky:. My "moglie napoletana" tells me all the time italian is easier than english because it pronounced the same as it is spelled and then immediately proceeds into her "neapolitan dialect" and dropping the end vowels, which totally messes with my understanding her :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
They are closing in though. Might need to get creative with numbering later on!
many code teams never reach v1.0 because that would suggest any beta period is over. The reasoning for that is users can't sue if a beta program does not work as promised, but a non-beta with issues certainly will draw the ire of consumer lawyers or proffessional litigants.