Sim Racing | Quick Catch Up & Sorry For The Delays

I've been a little remote from the news in the last few days, and in my absence we've had a few interesting things happening in the virtual racing world - here's the round up of what we missed.

Hello everyone, hope we are all doing well and enjoying the world of virtual motorsport? Those with a keen eye will have noticed I've been somewhat less prolific in my article writing these last few days - for which I apologize, and as I come to catch back up, I thought it's probably better / wiser / easier to compile what's been missed into a single post, rather than dropping a bunch of out-of-date new features.

So, back in the saddle once again, let us dig down into the world of sim racing news from the last few days...

F1 2020

F1 2020 Header.jpg

Codemasters have released a new build update for their F1 2020 racing title recently, updating the game to build 1.15 and bringing a number of fixes and new driver ratings within the game.

Recent days have seen Codemasters hard at work developing a new build release of their F1 2020 racing title, adding a number of small changes and improvements to the game as well as a final driver rating update of the year - the last one expected to be deployed to the game during its development lifecycle.

New driver ratings: more details HERE.

Update Notes:
  • Added the ability to enable equal performance in Time Trial
  • Marcus Armstrong now has the correct nationality
  • Addressed an issue where Artem Markelov would be quicker than intended
  • Pedro Piquet now has the correct number on the rear wing
  • Addressed an issue where sponsor boards and garage textures were missing on Bahrain for F2 2020
  • Users will no longer incorrectly receive a warning when changing components between Practice and Qualifying

RaceRoom Racing Experience

R3E Article.jpg

In the land of Sector3 Studios, the Swedish development team have released both a new build update and also a follow-on hotfix release, advancing the simulation to build release status

The initial build update brought with it a number of improvements to the simulation as detailed in the update notes below, however further issues with the dedicated servers service quickly materialized, resulting in a swift hotfix update release from the studio in the following days.

Update Notes:
  • is now switched to https
  • Pitlane speed limit tolerance has been adjusted when the limiter is enabled.
  • Slowdown penalty multiplier from repeated cuts is now properly displayed on the HUD notification
  • Tweaks to slowdown penalty logic where the player’s best valid lap in the session is now used as reference to estimate the time gained and the time being given up. If no valid lap exists yet, we then use the AI’s predicted speed just like before.
    It means the time the player gives up will be more accurately calculated and that the best place to give that time back is no longer in turns, which should improve safety as well. A good tip is also to avoid slowing down near pitlane entrances and exits as slowdown penalties are frozen while in pitlane.
  • Prevented enabling pit limiter or engine ignition during an AI-controlled rolling start.
  • Fixed the default set of driving assists being selected at first game launch.
  • Fixed an issue where player could sometime get stuck when leaving a server early (i.e. before results were made official)
  • Fixed dedicated server results having wrong final positions for players suffering early disconnects
  • Fixed dedicated server UI issues with certain long track names as well as lap and duration selector that could sometimes reset the race length value.
  • Fixed dedicated server that could sometimes get stuck if no player finished the race
  • Fixed the flickering of contact shadows (under the cars) for VR and Triple Screen rendering.
  • Fixed some issues with spectator mode on servers with rolling start races and lap-based races
  • Fixed issues with rolling starts when Assisted Braking was enabled.
  • Fixed some gearbox grind noises that could sometimes be heard during an AI-controlled rolling start
  • Physics - Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO - Adjusted idle revs to prevent occasional stalling
  • Physics - BMW M4 GT4 - Increased rear suspension travel by 10mm, dampers tuned for better handling over bumps
  • Physics - BOP - BMW M6 GT3 - slight reduction of torque
  • Physics - Callaway Corvette C7 GT3 R - Improved engine cooling
  • Physics - Fabcar 935 - Fixed some issues with the differential where the preload could be set very high.
  • Physics - GT2’s - Improved automated gearbox behaviour
  • Physics - P1 and P2’s - Added default gearbox ratios for Daytona, some AI behaviour tweaks.
  • Physics - Porsche 964 Carrera Cup - Improved standing start performance through a clutch adjustment
  • Physics - Volkswagen Scirocco - Adjusted the rear tyres wear rate.
  • Physics - WTCC - Added adjustable engine braking
  • Physics - WTCR - Improvements to the initial grip of fresh tyres and help reduce the tyre pressure increase over longer stints. Optimum grip is now reached at 80 Celcius. Default tyre pressures were adjusted to match.
  • Tracks - Dubai - Fixed harsh cut detections, moved the leaderboard spawn location closer to the racing line.
  • Tracks - Hockenheim - Moved the leaderboard spawn location further back
  • Tracks - Imola - Moved the pitlane entry gate entrance
  • Tracks - Portimao - Fixed harsh cut detections
  • Tracks - Scandinavian Raceway (Anderstorp) - AI behaviour tweaks to South layout
  • Tracks - Sepang - Fixed harsh cut detections (note: Sepang North layout appears to crash on load, this is being investigated)
  • Tracks - Suzuka - Fixed west layout pitlane that triggered invalid laps.

rFactor 2

FE 2021.png

In the world of rFactor 2, a new DLC has been released for the simulation that contains the cars, teams, drivers and liveries of the 2020 ABB Formula E World Championship. Retaining the Gen2 specification car, the new DLC includes a fully refreshed and updated set of physics, and the inclusion of the brand-new Attack Zones on all existing Formula E tracks - which allows drivers the opportunity to engage additional boost for a limited time when entering the specified Attack Zone gates within the track. The new car has been added to the 2020 DLC within the Steam store, so comes free to existing owners of the car.

Formula E Track Update Notes:

Berlin 2020 v1.7
  • Added Attack Zone
  • Removed Marshal Collisions
Hong Kong 2018 v1.67
  • Added Attack Zone
Monaco 2019 v1.61
  • Added Attack Zone
  • Fixed Issues with Flag System online
  • Fixed a pavement collision issue on left hand side approaching hairpin
  • Fixed collision issue near Swimming Pool barriers
  • Fixed a material issue with the Yacht Club Windows
New York 2020 v1.11
  • Added Attack Zone
  • Updated Advertisements
  • Removed Marshal Collisions
  • Added missing Terrain Definitions
  • Adjustments to Terrain Definitions
  • Fixed flipped Digital Flags

In other rFactor 2 news, a recent build update for the simulation has proven to have introduced a number of significant bugs, leading to the developer having to roll back the software to a previous pre December 2020 version while further investigations are underway ahead of the next release.


WRC 9.jpg

Taking things off-road, WRC developers Kylotonn released a surprise new update for the WRC 9 title on both console and PC variations of the game. The new update deployed this week and contains a number of useful fixes to the simulation, details of which can be found below:

WRC 9 Update Notes:
  • Fixed an issue where the timer could start before the car had crossed the starting line in several tracks.
  • Fixed a crash when a steering wheel without FFB were used.
  • Unnecessary tile tips from the option menu have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the application could crash while alternating between online events in the Home tab.
  • Fixed an out of the world respawn on the Cantera’s track (XION Rally Argentina).
  • Fixed informative text in the Service Park and pre-race menu.
  • Fixed leaderboard related issue when playing in split screen mode.
  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to switch between cars in spectator mode after the spectated player had finished the race.
  • Fixed various Japanese localization issues.
  • Fixed issue where the message “Press triangle to replace the punctured tire” could stay displayed in the test area.
  • Fixed an issue where the racer could disappear when spectating with the aerial camera.
  • Fixed wrong display of badges on the Driver Card.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to repair brakes or suspensions in the service park between two races.
  • Resolved a particles related crash.
  • Resolved a post process related crash.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

ACC Article.jpg

Great news for console players dropped recently, as Kunos Simulazioni finally revealed the latest DLC expansion for the simulation has been made available to players of Xbox One and PS4 versions of the title. Adding the 2020 GT World Challenge DLC and the new Imola circuit, the latest DLC to drop for the PC version of the title is available for console gamers now!

That roughly sums up the last few days, and thoroughly teaches me not to be away from the laptop for any more than a few minutes at a time!

Again, my apologies for my absence these last couple of days, trust me, it won't happen again!

Happy racing folks.

For all the latest news from the world of real and virtual racing, stay tuned to!

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Jan 2, 2015
Can I also have my OCD moment here? I am Italian so it's not even my mother tongue, but please, please:

You're (you are) , your ("which belongs to you", possessive)
It's (It is), its ("which belongs to it", possessive)
Break (damage), brake (slow down a vehicle)
Would of thought (???), would have thought (past conditional)

Ok I feel slightly better now.:sick:


Sep 25, 2011
Can I also have my OCD moment here? I am Italian so it's not even my mother tongue, but please, please:

You're (you are) , your ("which belongs to you", possessive)
It's (It is), its ("which belongs to it", possessive)
Break (damage), brake (slow down a vehicle)
Would of thought (???), would have thought (past conditional)

Ok I feel slightly better now.:sick:
Prego :)
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Sep 25, 2011
They are closing in though. Might need to get creative with numbering later on!
Can you imagine how the numbering system for rF2s UI would look like, if they had one? It's been in Beta now for what feels like several millenniums, and has been changed a gazillion times.
And it's still in Beta after all this time ( and it still doesn't work properly :) )

Ole Marius Myrvold

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Sep 29, 2009
Can you imagine how the numbering system for rF2s UI would look like, if they had one? It's been in Beta now for what feels like several millenniums, and has been changed a gazillion times.
And it's still in Beta after all this time ( and it still doesn't work properly :) )
Probably close to how the old Sierra strategy/RPG games had numbering. I mean "302 0014.3" is a heck of a name for a patch!
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Jul 12, 2020
Among all the fixes, I'm happy to see Sector 3's Raceroom has reduced dramatically the quantity of FPS drops that affect the WTCR cars and the Lada Vesta in case of steep steering in my quite old rig.

Steve Bird

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May 5, 2014
You forget mentioning the awesome AMS1 VR mod from the crewchief team. :whistling:

I hope that reiza will do a collaboration with them to get it into the base game.
What? OMG, got to get that today as I'm on a day off. Thanks for letting us know as i must have missed that.