Sim racing milestones


Mar 30, 2009
I thought this is an interesting topic. Basically when was something done first.

Here is a list I came up with t get the ball rolling:

steering wheels and pedal support -
first ffb wheel - thrustmaster?
first 900 degree wheel - logitech?
loadcell pedals - I think niels was one of the first ones to fiddle with these on the old rsc forums?

ffb support - grand prix legends?
internet multiplayer racing - ?
visual damage - viper racing?
telemetry output - gtr1?
laser scanned tracks - iracing. Or was it piddy's eastern creek for rfactor?
laser scanned cars - iracing
rain - gtr2?
sanctioned online racing - race2play?
first league with cash prizes - ?
first league with live broadcast - ?
first league with edited downloadable race broadcast - ?
first sim racing forum - ?

What do you think should also be considered as sim racing milestones? Something that is either very unique or very important for sim racing. Also who did those things first and when?