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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
With the 2018 ADAC Sim Racing Expo increasingly but a distant memory, I thought it a good idea to quickly summarise some of the highlights.

Now before anyone gets too excited, this is just a very brief overview of some of our adventures and my own personal highlights - a much more substantial collection of videos, reviews, interviews, talk and drive segments and opinions will be coming to our YouTube page in the next days and weeks, so fear not (and don't forget to subscribe!!!!).

Frankly it is incredibly hard to try and share with those who didn't attend the expo the range of emotions and experiences one can have in an event like this. On first glance around the halls you would be forgiven for thinking that maybe it will be difficult to fill up two full days of activity, but once you get stuck in to testing the equipment and talking to those in the know, time rapidly flies past and you end up having only done half of what you had planned.

So to keep you all interested before our full video collections are made available, I hope you enjoy this brief whistle stop tour of the 2018 ADAC Sim Racing Expo, and more importantly, I hope you can all join us again in 2019!

Sim Racing is Awesome and so is our community and it's members!

Sim Racing Expo 2018 Summary.jpg

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Been eagerly awaiting this Paul and certainly not disappointing ..would have loved to have been there with you guys ...thanks again Paul :thumbsup:


RedShift Racing
@Paul Jeffrey Just a heads-up: The Porsche simulator actually was running rF2, however they didn't use publicly available content (car + track).

The waiting time to ride this car was insane, but it was absolutely worth it :D You should definitely give it a chance next year!

Edit: Looks like I'm typing too slow in the morning... :coffee:
The Sim Commander PlugIn for the Accuforce came out after the Expo and the FFB on the DD1 i tested was fully optimized for this wheel. I could feel spike-effects i only get when activating suspension bumps from the telemetry-effects in Sim Commander, so a very unfair advantage.

But the FFB IMO sucks with any wheel in ACC i tested and the information is just not helpful to control this shitty (former) iceRacing physics.
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Steve Bird

Come On Williams!
German beer, food, sim racing and at a legendary German race circuit. Heaven by the sounds of it Paul, Good video.
@Paul Jeffrey the full-size Porsche simulator is actually running rFactor 2. They have a commercial license for it and we helped them build the physics for the cup car they are using to train their drivers. And you really should try to have a go in it next year! :)
So that means rF2 is supporting rear view mirror on a separate display ? :rolleyes: Or is that some custom thingy ?

Marcel Offermans

Studio 397
So that means rF2 is supporting rear view mirror on a separate display ? :rolleyes: Or is that some custom thingy ?

You have a good eye for detail! That is in fact a custom solution, or rather, a very creative solution to the problem. They are in fact running a second computer inside the car with a server and rFactor 2 client and this client is simply looking back from the same car to provide a nice rear mirror view.