Sim Race Engineer (Real-life Race Engineer)

Hi all!

I just thought about presenting my new idea and see what you guys think.
I love sim racing, I had the idea to use my knowledge and transfer it to my biggest hobby, sim racing. I am working in GT3 and GT4 real-life motorsport since almost 10 years as a race and performance engineer. I am offering now a possibility to work (and of course profit) with a real life race engineer in almost every up-to-Date sim (acc, ac, iracing, rf2, ams). We can discuss and work out setups, calculation fuel and tyre strategy, analyzing data, learn about vehicle dynamics...everything is possible. You can have a look at

To learn more. I am just starting this great project and would be happy if people like you would be interested.
Let me know what you think.
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That sounds great and very interesting indeed. Our team is largely in a transition phase from AC to ACC, where I understand you can get a deeper and more accurate look into the data output. And while we have some really fast drivers, I'm sure they can raise their level again with better setup understanding and correct interpretation of Motec data. I've sent the invitation to the rest of our team and I'm excited to see what your plans are.