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Sim Lab P1-X for flying?


I have a next level racing (NLR) GTTrack Cockpit simulator with flight controls.

I bought this from a local Microcenter and didn't open it yet.

It looks like the Sim Lab P1-x is a superior product, specifically for racing.

Can the Sim Lab P1-x be "easily" modifiable to support racing and flying? Rudder control and HOTAS support basically, I'm OK with dismounting the racing pedals if I have to.

I want to use either cockpit with NLR's motion V3 platform and a fanatec direct drive podium.

I just bought: Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Racing Sprint Pedals, yesterday. So I want to be sure I'm getting my rig right before waiting for fanatec's Black Friday sales (if there are any).

Thanks for any info!
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I have a p1 (not x) and use it for flight as well. It took some trial and error to adjust everything to get both racing and flight equipment in just the right place for me.

I raised the pedaldeck for racing and lowered the rudderpedals, so my feet have just enough space underneath the racingpedals. I leave both sets of pedals on the rig at all times.

Normally I remove the flightstick when I am racing (but leave the throttle on the rig), and remove the steeringwheel when I am flying. But it is not strictly necessary.

Below you see some pictures of how I have done it,



I just built a P1-X and am in love with it. You can do whatever you want with 80/20 and expand you your hearts content. Eigil has a great setup there for both pedal sets but you could also mount each pedal set to a bracket that you could change between. Might take you a little effort to come up with a bracket, but then you could change between either quickly.