SIM IndyCar on Forza6 - What is the interest?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by Rob, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Rob


    Most likely, if all goes well (actually something bad has to happen, but more on that later), then this will be the home of Virtual IndyCar Series on Race Department powered by FM6.

    Since the IndyCar season does not start for a few months, and does not last but a few races, we will likely run every other weekend. We will also have a "support" series, so any ideas for this support series are welcome in the months between now and the start of IndyCar on the Xbox One at Race Department.

    The idea here is to get as close to "racing" the actual race as we can. Whether it's Forza or CARS we have to use, neither have all the tracks for IndyCar. Forza currently has both the 2015 spec. Honda and Chevy. Project Cars has promised, but we can't wait on them to recruit and plan.

    This would be a "No Assists" League since the real cars do not use them. This league believes that any "view" other than cockpit is an assist but also that many players have grown used to T-Cam. As such, the support series will be "any view" and any driver who races in the Support Series would be eligible to run in IndyCar. The support series will likely allow most assists.

    The events will be held on either a Saturday or Sunday to accommodate both European and North American players (and anyone else who can get up or stay awake for the race).

    Since we have to mimic certain tracks, as they are not included, I have put together a video clip of what an IndyCar season in FM6 would look like. I used many factors when pairing non-IRL tracks to those they actually run, as we aim for authenticity.

    Speaking of, these races will be the same number of laps as the relal event, have no mandatory pit stops, and may sometimes be double-headers, just like the real series.

    Are you interested? Of so, when can you race on the Weekends?

    Is following the schedule (running the races the same day they happen in real life) appealing to you?

    What IRL series would you nominate as the Support Series?

    Who is your favorite IndyCar driver of all time?

    Best to All!
    Rob W.

    -- ideas, comments, changes, suggestions to improve, compliments...all welcome.
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