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Sim Hardware XBOX one X help

Hi i am new to sim racing i have assetto corsa and forza 7 and F1 games which i am using controler for , i am really interested in getting a good set up i see there are massive price differences and understand you pay for what you get but is there a set up any off you guys would suggest to get going with out dropping major cash, any help advice would be great i feel slightly overwhelmed buy whats all on offer. tony
Can't help too much as there's not many options.
I run a Fanatec CSL on PC/Xbox X and love it.
On the cheaper end you have these.
I'd stay away from anything Hori or Mad Catz get one with FFB.
You could also look into getting a Drive hub.
  1. Logitech G920 Driving Force
  2. Thrustmaster VG Ferrari
  3. Mad Catz Wireless Force
  4. Thrustmaster TX
  5. HORI Racing Wheel One
  6. Thrustmaster VG