Sim And Real Racing Gifts At Christmas?

Tarmac Terrorist

Paul McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017
I use the free programs GIMP ( and Paint.NET (; combined, they're just as good as Photoshop, especially with community plugins. Also, except for base graphics, I can't see how a graphics tablet would help with skinning, since most of the time I'm just placing logos and drawing lines.
Cheers mate I'll have a lokk at those! I think its because I used to do art, and he thought I could draw on my own logos, my avitar on this site (The little cartoon Scooby, same one i use on my Youtube channel) is one of my drawings

Ryan Soucy

Nov 1, 2010
Not strictly racing related, but i gifted myself a RTX 3070 card to replace my old 1070. Wife got me a nice knife (a sturdy Benchmade Sibert Bushcrafter), making it a great present to feed my other hobby.
Does your other hobby involve yards and yards of plastic sheeting...? :)0