Sim And Real Racing Gifts At Christmas?

So folks, the big day is over and done with - did any of you get any sim racing or motorsport themed gifts this December 25th?

Yup, we've all had to pretend we like the new socks / off brand whisky / "funny" jumper and other assorted odds and ends this Christmas (and pretty much every other one too), but did any of the RaceDepartment faithful get a nice sim or real racing related gift from someone this year, and if you did, what was it?

Let us know in the comments section below!
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Mar 2, 2010
No sim racing gift from friends or family... However, not sure if this counts, but I "gave myself" the new Fanatec McLaren steering wheel. :D


Nov 3, 2015
:whistling: Not complaining (got too much already) .... But No ... and not counting RF2 DLC2 pack :)

P.S. What did Paul get? :p
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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
My wife got me a Buttkicker simulation kit. Been looking forward to trying tactile for a while so that is pretty cool. She also got me a brush and products to clean my alcantera wheel.
I have to admit, when I first learned of the buttkicker, I thought it seemed pretty ridiculous...but I have heard enough people raving about it that I've changed my opinion. It's supposed to really add to the experience. I'd like to try one someday, you'll have to let us know what you think of it!


Nov 1, 2016
Made a mostly enclosed rig this month out of foam board, black cloth and lots of gaffer tape and glue. Got the final pieces on Christmas Eve: a LED Light strip, as well as some smart plugs, smart bulbs and Amazon echo extensions...just finished putting it all together now (it's functional but looks pretty rough, so no pictures yet) but very enclosed and immersive (and my current fans actually cool better since it's now like a tunnel).

My favourite part though is the automation. I just have to say "Alexa, racing mode" and what basically took several steps to fire up the rig and switch over from my office desk to rig is done automatically: turning off any room lights and desktop speakers, turn on the wheel, fans, rig speakers and rig LEDs (positioned overhead like in endurance cars). I'm just working on how to get it to switch from single monitor to triple monitor by voice then it'll be complete... :D

Boby Kim

Aug 28, 2010
Better topic would have been: what did you give away for Christmas. There are people that did not celebrate Christmas because they simply do not have the money.
Anyways, keep going on with all expensive stuff you received
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Feb 4, 2017
I picked up WRC9 in the Epic Games sale, and plan to hoover up a bunch of games on Steam at some point. But not many sims.
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Ruy Horta

Feb 17, 2014
The most unexpected “gift” was the Hyperion 2020, by RSS.
That was one that came out of the blue and much appreciated.

My second unexpected “gift” was my first experience with Smoothtrack using my humble iPhone as the tracking device. After some tweaking this simple solution blew my mind.

Yes, I know TrackID, though I never bought it, and yes, I know VR, but there are (many) times I just don‘t want to use my setup (Rift - although I am looking at the new HP as a replacement). But using the open source Smoothtrack with a EUR 10,99 iphone app as a substitute really worked better than expected.

I had to tweak some deadzone, add some filter etc, but really very nice technology. You could even use an old webcam, same thing and even less complicated.

The resolution of something like TrackIR is probably better, but I’d say you should try this cheap setup before you grab your wallet.

An honorable mention to R3E’s Brands GP and the Glen, both great tracks nice representations. The Sirocco was icing.

Finally I’d like to mention that after getting a free ride from Race Department, I decided to return the favor with a Premium account - yes, to support the services you provide and the many hours of enjoyment.

That’s all, and enough, I did not get any real presents, other than the presence of my loving family of 3 kids and a wife.
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