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Sim 3 projectors and a real car body

Hello, I need you and would like if possible to guide me or indicate someone who can help me.
I built a simulator with a real car body and with 3 projectors, it was beautiful! 6x1.90 meters screen!
However, when driving, it makes no sense to use the camera from inside the cockpit, as I am sitting in a car with a dashboard and glass in front.
the correct one would be a screen with only the track on the screen, right?
Well, there is in addition to the screen inside the cockpit, a screen on the roof and on the car's nozzle, these screens don't work properly, when I'm in the vacuum of a car the roof screen I see the other car "middle from above" and on camera I stay at the height of the license plate in front of the nozzle. See I'm talking about a closed car, let's say the Automobile's Mini Cooper ...
Furthermore. the sound in the cockpit camera is perfect and in the other two it's not good!
What I need is the view of the camera from inside the cockpit, height and depth, but without the car's dashboard showing, I hope you understand me, I use google translator.
if you want photos, my email is ikf.ikf@gmail.com

Thank you very much, I apologize a thousand times for harassing you without knowing each other

Muito obrigado, peço desculpas mil vezes por assediar vocês sem nos conhecerem
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Looks like a nice setup. What happens when you reduce the FOV and play with the seat height. Even with a single monitor I drive with most of the dash hidden. The "in-game" sun visor is probably an issue as well.
I can appreciate all the effort put into getting that " in the car " feeling. As someone who also wanted the most immersive experience , I've tried several monitor sizes as well as Triples in 3D using Nvidia Vision in order to get the screen depth that 2D can't provide. It looks like you are going to have several issues trying to get what you are ultimately looking for. AMS 1 now has support for VR , so if you want the absolute best 1:1 in the car experience then check out the AMS VR mod . No amount of tweaking will ever compete with the VR experience. Trust me you will love it !!