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Misc Silverstone GP AI fast lane 0.9

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Diogo Goetz Brand submitted a new resource:

Silverstone GP AI fast lane - Update over silverstone GP AI line

An update over the default AI line for Silverstone GP. Fixes errors like the AI not going flat out through T5 and gives them better exits on many corners. GT3 will be 1.6 seconds faster there and will be way more fun not running into their backs because when they get poor exits.

Please report any mistake (AI drivin over the bollards on the old pits is a known issue, will fix that for V1.0).

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Thanks a lot for this. Silverstone needed faster AI.

Another track that needs faster AI is Hockenheimring where they are not that very fast with the current fast lane AI file. I could PM you the link for the Hockeheimring I'm referring to. It's clearly the best version available.