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Sidewinder compatible with Evo?



a Microsoft Sidewinder FFB Usb steering wheel and Pedals, is this compatible with the game?
Having installed the game i cannot find the said wheel in the options menu. You've options for Logitech/Trust/360 wired/wireless but no Sidewinder.
TIA for any replies.

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
There are wheels out there that will work in Evo, but they are not listed in the options menu. An example is the Logitech Driving Force EX: It isn't listed, but I've found that it will work. Try testing your wheel with the game. If it doesn't work, I can't help you any more.
Feb 17, 2008
i had that weel befor i swaped to a G25 and it works there is just no preset ingame for the MS SW FFB USB weel
Oct 9, 2008
I've been using the microsoft force feedback (withe red highlight of wheel), for many years. It worked with all the simbin games ive played including GTR Evo. Like mentioned, you'll just have to input in your wheel buttons/pedals to each of the commands. If i remember correctly, you will have to select wheel, or create new controller first.

correct me if im wrong.

this wheel works well for the game, though of course Id like to upgrade.....but seeing that the next real step up is the g25, it is too costly.

Andrew Evans

yes, you won't find a preset config in game, like for other wheels, but that doesn't stop you creating a new one yerself...

i had this wheel - and i had major problems... but, pathetically, i can't remember why i had to stop using it.... i know it definitely didn't help that ms had stopped supporting it - so was hard to get the decent drivers... can't remember if i couldn't split the axis on the pedals (that might have been it)...

Kyrill Verheij

I choose the 2 rumble blabla.. and eddited the options.. like fix steering, works for me well


Thanks for your replies...logitech g25 is on my list for early 2009. I will test the said wheel MS SW FFB USB in the next few days and report back.

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