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    With DX11, we lose many of the great plugin solutions. (Martin's V-HUD, Cosimo's DeltaBest, trackmap :(). Luckily, with release of v1109, S397 added some new functions to the in-game HUD.
    SHQM HUD incorporates many of these new HUD parameters, including DeltaBest, tyre wear, and weather.
    Not a plugin! Once you subscribe on steam, just go to options menu and select from the 'onscreen display' options.

    Certainly not a replacement for the versatility of some of the plugins, but maybe something that helps fill the gap until new solutions evolve. Enjoy...

    Known issues: Parts of this HUD will obscure the virtual mirrors on 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratio. Although it was designed to use with virtual mirrors, but only if 16:9 or wider. Sorry...
    For those affected, it will help if you enable "Stretch UI" found in the Video Res option screen..

    Thanks to Studio 397 for continuing to evolve rF2.


    Originally developed SHQM HUD for the SimHQ Motorsports teams when we lost our plugin HUDs.
    But saw many others seeking similar solution, so I put it on steam to share it with others . . . a sincere gesture of giving-back to recognize those that have shared their work so we can enjoy sim racing
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