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Jason Mullin

Mar 3, 2018
Nice VStrom! Very cool. That was the bike I wanted to trade up my Ninja250 in for, before I got off motorcycles and into Miatas.
I just picked it up, left over 2018 1000XT demo with 723 miles. I’ve had a lot of bikes over the years but never a vstrom. I’m staggered at how good it is. Honestly better than the GS I traded for it.

Same could be said of your Miatas. My brother does a lot of amateur racing. He runs a 90’s Fiero GT, a 1999 Lotus Elise sport and a 2004 MX5. He always said the Miata is the best. I questioned him vs the Elise as we hear “Lotus or BMW” and just assume they’re better but that is not always the case.
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Aug 28, 2014
Yeah, it's hard to keep me out of the Miata. My dad has a 2016 Focus RS, and it's a great car. But at the track, when he's taking a break, both cars are ready to drive, I usually pick the Miata.

Supposed to be checking in at VIR right now, but it was cancelled, obviously. I'll just sit in driveway and make vroom vroom noises.

James Bunn

Jan 9, 2020

Also this one, its not quite what it would seem, It's a 2.8 V6 with a full Hirsch package, but it also has a MapTun 340BHP conversion with 450Nm. It's a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Have had this since nearly new and I love it, VERY comfortable and a fast mile muncher.