Show us your Model Cars Collection!

Davide Nativo

Columnist for RaceDepartment

Everybody here runs one; today we want to see them!

Let's be honest, owning our dream cars, whether they are contemporary hypercars, modern supercars, classic racecars or vintage vehicles, is something possible only for a very few lucky individuals. The rest of us have to rely on daydreaming, magazines, books, videos or recordings to feel like they are a bit closer to their objects (on wheels) of desire. Being able to see them in a museum or during some motoring events is the ultimate goal.
Fortunately, simracing has become the closest thing to even drive them, anywhere and anytime you want.

Art can be also another effective way to complement our need to have one of these cars in our daily life. It can come in various forms: prints, posters, paintings, sculptures. The one I would like to talk about though is Die Cast models.

Coming in various sizes and prices, they can be a serious hit on your finances, but still nowhere comparable to trying to actually own any of the cars you have in your wish list. Having a small-scale model of your favourite racecar, or of the vehicle your family used to have and in which you would travel for the summer vacations, gives a nice and curious sense of happiness and gratification to your heart.

Not to forget those that actually build their own models, buying kits and making them with their own hands. That gives the added bonus of being able to do any modification you want, or to choose a specific livery or colour; a freedom that you simply cannot have with Die Casts.

It is also a way to bond with your kids, having them run their own collection of toy car models, playing with them and having them learn about car culture through them.

Models are a brilliant way to fulfil your desire or hunger to have your dream cars a step closer to you, to feel in some way like owning them, and to show your friends and family how proud a petrolhead you are!

Therefore, why don’t you show us your collection? Is there any piece that has a particular history or of which you are particularly fond? Which was the first one?
Share yours with us, in the comments below!


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Some of my collection in the Cabinet, got 1 other I'll post pics of later.

I was at the 2014 Bathurst 1000when that limited edition Supercheap was released, I managed to get hold of someone who got it for me, I then spent the rest of the holiday with it rooted to the bottom of my suitcase fearing Airplane baggage handler survived!

10686644_10154889689825243_6306026966899512744_n.jpg P1000033a.jpg
Now I REALLY need to get back to my old hobby. Haven't done any models in over 10 years. But I do everything, not just cars.
I collect only Ernie Irvan (retired Nascar driver with a heck of a comeback story from injury). I am at work today, but this weekend I will post a massive display collection I am quite proud of.

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