Should I buy rFactor?

Sep 23, 2014
Hey Guys,

I was just wondering if rFactor was still worth the money? I am relatively new to PC based racing sims, but I have been racing on PS3 for sometime now. I have GSC 2013 extreme, Racing 07, and Assetto Corsa. I love them all, although I have not yet delved into AC at the moment. I keep hearing a lot a great things about rFactor, but most of what I read and seen is from a year or more ago. I just wanted to know if this game is still worth it? I see on the companies website there is an rFactor 2, but that it isn't yet finished.

My primary focus is in offline racing for now. Once I build my confidence and skill set up i will break into online racing. Graphics are important, but not a deal breaker, I realize this is an older sim, but even Race 07 has decent graphics in this day and age.