Who Should Ferrari Support For WDC Challenge This Season?

  • Sebastian Vettel

    Votes: 22 3.6%
  • Charles Leclerc

    Votes: 197 32.7%
  • Both - It's Too Early To Back One Driver

    Votes: 384 63.7%

  • Total voters

Should Ferrari Start Supporting Leclerc Over Vettel?

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Charles Leclerc looked the stronger of the two Ferrari drivers in Bahrain, prompting many to wonder if Ferrari should support their new driver in a bid for 2019 championship success.

Having started 2019 claiming that 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel would be the focus of the team attention this year, a claim backed up by team order instructions during the Australian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc is doing all within his power to change the minds of the Ferrari management in the early stages of the season.

At just 21 years of age, Leclerc certainly has plenty to learn about Formula One racing at this point in his career, however what the youngster lacks in experience he is more than making up for in raw pace and tenacity, easily showing himself as the form man in the team during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. With a performance that made team leader Vettel look outclassed pretty much all weekend, is it time for Ferrari to reconsider their decision to put all their eggs in a Sebastian Vettel shaped basket, and instead get behind the young man from Monaco before the season progresses too far?

Do you think Ferrari should look to Vettel, Leclerc or both drivers in equal measure as they look for a first WDC since 2007?

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Jun 13, 2011
I would honestly think about switching Seb to Alfa Romeo and Kimi back to Ferrari. Consistency is the word. I know it sounds hard, but Seb is not in good shape since last summer.

Well done Charles Leclerc, he established himself now and proofed his potential again. Great drive, no faults. Now its up to the team management to see what they do.


Oct 15, 2010
i say Hell Yeah!!!! He lost the start, caught Vettel, and didn't spin by himself. It's been mentioned a few times, Vettel cracks under pressure.
Its a bit early but Ferrari left things a bit late last year.
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Nov 8, 2010
One successful race does not make Leclerc the obvious driver to back. Vettal has a hell of a lot of accolades on his stat sheets for some snot nose punk to take his position on the team.


Jul 21, 2017
I really dislike team orders and n°1/2 status within the team this early in the season.
It was awesome to see some racing between Leclerc/Vettel, Lewis/Bottas and Ricciardo/Hulkenberg.


I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
There's a saying 'make hay while the sun is shining' which translated into F1 language pretty much means make the most of it while your car is fast.

Ferrari, however appear to have moved their hay into a stable and got the Prancing Horse to **** all over it.


Mar 2, 2010
Too early to tell. One thing is sure: Leclerc is the real deal. I was amazed by his maturity all weekend long. After taking pole position, he was quick to point out that the race is what matters. After the race, he said that mechanical faults are part of racing and he tried to rally his team. Amazing for such a young man.

I can already see a Charles Leclerc/Mick Schumacher Ferrari team in 2022... ;)


Jun 27, 2015
I agree that one successful race does not make any driver the one to back, but we're not talking about one race when it comes to Vettel. His performance last year - throwing away the championship in the best car via a litany of unforced errors - makes Bahrain just another point on a rather disappointing trajectory. I'm a Vettel fan, and for a while he was indeed the class of the field, but he's not anymore. I would move on until he proves himself again. Rewarding a failing driver for past glories won't win Ferrari a championship.
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Aug 8, 2017
Ridiculous how they push F1 over anything else these days.
I don't even mind seeing F1 Articles as i am a Fan I'd just hate to see RD go down the path of trying to compete for the most Outrageous/Exaggerated headlines.
Just to be clear I'm not some RD Critic i generally only post if it's something positive.


Mar 26, 2015
I enjoy all the RD content. Keep up the good work.

I don't think the team should favour Zeclerc just yet but I think Sebs been ruined since he threw away the German gp.


May 23, 2009
Vettel is still the #1 in the team, but if Leclerc keeps this pace, he will surely achieve great results!

Today I'm really disappointed by Vettel.
He must not do such mistake under pressure. And then the bad luck...

Ferrari guys must work hard by the way, because today it was a clear win but... the car failed Leclerc in the most beautiful moment :mad::cry:


Jun 5, 2017
What is this Reddit? Might as well add a new post asking if Gasly should be replaced. And it's not like Leclerc was dominant in Australia (barring the obscure strategies towards the end)

When a decent lead between the 2 drivers start to form, then Ferrari should obviously support the one ahead