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EU Short-Track Sunday - BMW E90 WTCC @ Botniaring - Sun 28 March 2021

Sorry I had leave after the first race, after 10 mins the USB connection of my new rim failed and I was stuck in 4th gear. Turns out a cable actually came off and I had to solder it.
Great fun until then, basically no practice, new car and track for me, found myself in P4 after a few incidents in front. Hope to race again soon, need to verify things are stable first though. Thanks for the host @Ole Marius Myrvold

Jan Larsen

Cheers for the racing tonight guys, that was good fun. Had no grip in T1 in either start and got overtaken both times. Managed to get back to 1st in race one and cruised it to the finish.
Race 2 and @Dean Maković was back in the server which showed. After Ole's in-the-middle-of-the-road spin where I had to slam on the anchors, several drivers got by, including Dean. Fairly quickly got up to 2nd, but from then on I had nothing. I managed to keep up, but by doing so I also trashed my tires. Great win Dean, too fast for me in race 2 :thumbsup: