Sell Short shifter mod for thrustmaste th8a £18 delivered


new design eliminates the bolt head completely,so have drilled the m10 bolt all the way with 5.4mm drill,and tapped it to m6,then cut the head off the bolt making an m10 male tube with m6 thread inside.
the shaft is now fully polished aluminium

from this

to this

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new design now and awaiting delivery of knobs which are slightly larger will be with me hopefully by friday.
The new knobs will be available are stainless steel 40mm ball pricy at extra £12 (£32 world) (£27 uk)
and aluminium 40mm at extra £8 (£28 world)(£23 UK)
the new black knobs will be slightly larger too,from 38mm to 45mm threaded bar is now stainless,same price(£20 world) (£15 UK)
pictures when the knobs get delivered

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David Pemberton
I ordered mine on Friday, and it turned up today :) It feels great - really snappy and quick. Slightly rougher through the gate as the shaft is now static aluminium rather than the free-to-rotate black plastic on the original, but I will get used to that.

Thanks very much @nobby91010 - it was a pleasure doing business with you :thumbsup:

IMG_20190501_162305.jpg IMG_20190501_162323.jpg IMG_20190501_162722.jpg
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