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F1 2021 Short [s]review of[/s] rant about F1 2021

F1 2021 The Game (Codemasters)


If you have 2020, don't bother with 2021

I know this has been said every year, but every year so far I could find something that validated the purchase. This time nope. This really is a copy and paste of 2020. Codemasters haven't even included the right tracks, only offering them at a later date. Honestly WTF have they been doing for year. They haven't even bothered to put face masks on the crews (not that I'm overly bothered about that, I don't need any more reminding of how the world has gone to crap)

Honestly if the 2021 season was a $20 DLC for 2020, I still be hesitant to recommend it, especially as you can probably get the new liveries as a mod right here on RD.
Adding masks on people would surely make it "accurate" but then you might as well remove fans and have a silent game...

I think F1 21 is a nice upgrade from F1 20 (after 217hrs of play) though the lack of classic cars is a damn shame (for some, not including myself). Braking point truly felt like EAs idea and my guess is that the development shift of the entire game started here. Most of the changes are very fine detail. AI make more errors, difficulty feels harder - AI is willing to take more risk and push harder, sound & setup is much more vast and improved - helmet mode with dampened noise, new Nose/hood camera for those who want something in-between cockpit and front wing camera, myteams quick practice mode & dev tree changes/discounts. Additionally the 3 tracks are going to be free DLCs per Codie's but let's see if they decide to have classic cars at a $5-$10 DLC with new challenges (this'll make a lot of people sour), but as another member voiced it could've been removed because there wasn't much engagement. Overall I'm really enjoying the game contrary to how some people feel but my feelings towards the current state only start from F1 20 even though I have all the previous titles but did not start playing this until 20 and with a rig.