Hi, I have the following problem: when I set an object to receive shadows, and this object is composed of chroma pictures and random and strange effect appears in rfactor, ok translation, trees are affected by this effect, when you set “receive shadows” in BTB, in rfactor, the tree appears, dark colored, to better understand see pic .5, buuuut, that tree is made by to faces, (2 pics crossed), in pic 6 you can see, from another point of view, that only one of the faces is affected by that effect.
Now, I have created covered grandstands with people inside, so, as you know, with people we use the same technic, that is a picture, and set chroma in Xpacker, so here you have the results:
Pic2: this grandstand has the sun in front of it, and as you can see the people at the back, have the dark colored effect. You can think, ok, that’s because the grandstand´s cover casts the shadow over the back people, ok, I agree, it is logical, because as you can see people at the front, have not the dark effect.
Pic 3. Because I was not very happy with that, I ve copied an turn 180 degrees the grandstand, and see what happens, now the grandstand´s cover casts the shadow over all the people, and all the people are seen ok, without the dark colored effect!!!,
Pic 4, I have turn the grandstand, to force the cover to cast shadow to people, and as you can see no shadow is cast, why?
After a few checks, I ve noted that in BTB there is a random effect, when I export the venue, sometimes the grandstand´s cover, cast shadows to people and sometimes not!!!
Any idea to solve that?, everything will be appreciated.
P.D. 1 changing chroma to alpha has no effect to solve the problem
P.D. 2 in rfactor display settings , shadow option is set to “max”



I tried to duplicate the fenomen but in my PC all works fine.
DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2600 MHz (13 x 200) 5000+
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT (1024 MB)

May be you video board or something wrong in xpack.
The problem is using your own xpack or with the defaults xpack do the same effect?

If is a onw xpack check there is no antialias o feather lines at the edges of the texture

Very strange for me


Hi (again) ALVAZ,

We always seem to run up against the same walls at about the same time. Just wanted to let you know that I started a new thread today (Apr 13) about some oddities I've found about shadows. I also have seen that big triangular shadow on large, mostly alpha textured planes. In my case (huge track) it may be related to the distance from origin problem outlined in my thread.

good luck, though...


Hey ALVAZ...

Come to think of it... the only way I've been able to get some objects to cast shadows in the correct direction is to turn them inside out. A way to do this is with the BTB size changing gizmo.... Drag any of the legs of the gizmo toward the object origin.. then keep going 'out the other side'.. This turns it inside out, and then the shadow casts in a different (hopefully correct) direction.

Hope that helps..
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