Sell SFX-100 3 DOF motion platform fully built *Melbourne, AUS*


Hey guys,

As the title states, I have built and been using an SFX-100, Simfeedback powered 3DOF motion platform for a couple of years. With the addition of some little ones to the family in the near future, I have decided that it's in the best interest of all involved that the rig placed directly below their bedrooms becomes a little quieter. So it's time to move the old girl on to a new home who will get a little more use out of it that I will be.

The kit comes completely assembled. 4 actuators fully operational plus an "SFX Shield" that completely replaces all previous wiring in one little PCB and the Arduino to power it all. The servo drivers are housed in a little $5 plastic container from Kmart so it's not an amazing state of the art control box you'll be getting. If you wanted to get a proper rack for it, they will pop right out and fit into that with no issues. I have a daisy chain power lead that occupies only 1 3 prong plug, making it a little more efficient than some others who've chosen to use a single lead for each driver. It's done the job without burning the house down and I see no reason for that to change. However, once again, you are free to choose your own power options if you feel the need.

I am based in nothern suburbs of Melbourne. I would prefer a pick up or a close by meet up if you're super far away but still within driving distance. However, I've shipped a NLR V3 motion platform to Tassie after I built this for a decent price and am not completely opposed to packing it all up and shipping it to a potential buyer.

I guess anyone looking for a motion platform would likely know about the DIY SFX-100 project, but if you don't there is a tonne of feedback about it on various sim racing forums if you do a quick search. I've got some of the monster ferrite cores for those of you who use a base station tracking VR solution to race in, so if you let me know I can throw them in to help you avoid potential tracking issues. They did the job for me and many others.

Asking price is $2500 AUD for the entire kit which is essentially plug and play in its current form. If we need to organise shipping I can get a quote for that too although I'd suggest it's going to add a couple hundred to the price at least given the weight. The price is LESS THAN the cost of the 'bill of materials' to build the rig. Essentially you're getting the labour and assembly know-how for free.

*Photo included to show actuators/motion system only. The cockpit and related hardware are not included at all.


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