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Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by nounoubleu, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. nounoubleu


    I played RF1 during several years. One pleasure was adapting mods to my taste.
    For instance, in each winter I was doing my own 2.4hrs of Daytona. For that, I was mixing several mods, modifying talent files, damage files, sometimes changing engines, tires data, etc... to make something realistic in term of classes, BOP, numbers of DNF, agressivity, etc. Time consuming but not so complexe. Architecture was easy to understand even for not talented guy as me. At the end it's rewarding to adapt game to my taste.
    I bought RF2 1 year ago but didn't use it so much. At same time I discovered iRacing and its easy plug and play system. For my off line races, I went to GSCE. Same architecture as Rfactor, some mods, some good circuits.

    With recent switch to Steam and release of GT3 mod, I decided to give RF2 a new try.
    I enjoyed.
    But yesterday I intented to mix URD PX and GT + GT3 Simtek to make my own PLM. RF2 became my worst a nightmare.
    I spent more than 4 hours for nothing.
    For nothing!
    Except make me think I must be totally dumb.

    1) Real life skins made for URD (stored in userdata/settings) didn't appear as possible choices when I wanted to make rfmod. I couldn't find way to make them appear.
    2) Ok, let use fantasy skins in my rfmod. Impossible to finalize any rfmod while it's supposed to be a standard process. The "light" remained red and I never found solution, even after reading tons of forums. It was writen as installed but in parallel it wasn't installed. Why it didn't work with me?
    I never understood. Maybe rfm localization or something like that.
    3) Ok, let chose opponents directly in game. At least anyone can do it. Perfect, I can chose real skins. But I'm obliged to keep fantasy ones! I don't want them.
    4) So, after realizing useful files were stored in "installed" folder I tried to modify mas files to remove official fantasy skins.
    I couldn't find way.

    Finally I resigned and opened AMS. Road Atlanta is really well done and make think Reiza products are now almost at same level as RF2 in term of appearence.
    In few minutes I could find way to make some mods work together.
    Of course I must do several adjustments but at least I understood how to proceed.

    RF2 is for sure a good sim.
    It's supposed to be the best platform for modders. It's probably perfect for hardcore modders who have their own language and logic, but not silly Sunday tuners as me.
    So, I'll stay away for a while and hope future development direction will go to a more friendly interface.
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  2. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen

    Did you try Dev mode? :)

    Unpack everything and put everything in Dev mode... Everything will be the same as in rF1/AMS. There is an extractor tool on the ISI forum that unpacks a mod in dev mod for you. Make sure everything is setup (file, folder structure) like you are used to (rF1,AMS)

    You can do your races in Dev mode if you want to keep on tweaking and adjusting.

    If you wish and done adjusting and tweaking you can package everything. If want to package everything frequently: There is batch packager on the isi forums that package everything at once.

    Keep your modification for personal use, or contact the original creator. In Simteks case, it's not simtek.
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  3. nounoubleu


    Really? I didn't know.
    Thank you for the tip. I'll try it.
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