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Setup weather strategy

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Engima, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Engima


    Suppose you are in practice and weather is clear. When you come to qualification weather is still clear, but you see that it will probably rain a lot during race. What is you action (Parc Permé is on).

    Will you setup car for rain, and sacrifice speed in quali? Or will you continue with dry setup and sacrifice race pace during race?

    Or what about the opposite? Rain during practice and quali, and a dry race day? Or rain during practice, clear quali, and rainy race?

    I wonder, because I don't know what is actually allowed to change on the car in the game when things like this happens, and what is the best action to take?
  2. NorthernSanta


    Hello to our F1 Community,

    With the F1 2014 game, once you begin your qualifying session then your car setup is "locked in" when qualifying ends. Once you're choosing your race strategy and rubber then the only adjustment available is the front wing. It's important to dial-in your car setup (the best you can) for what the race will be like based on what you'll guess the weather conditions might be like.

    Personally, I try to estimate just how much rain or how wet the race will be. Will the race start dry then become wet for the remaining 75% until the end? Will the race start wet then dry out? I look at the percentage or probability of rain ( % )... and try to gauge how heavy the rain might be during the race. Sometimes I guess wrong.

    The bottom line to me is... qualifying means nothing to me if the car cannot complete the race. I may sometimes take a full-dry setup and make some minor tweaks to ride height, anti-roll bars and springs etc... then when race conditions become slippery, then watch my throttle control.

    I have some basic wet-weather changes I make to a car setup (see link below) and maybe the best thing to do is to compromise between a dry setup and a wet setup... find a comfortable balance in between.

    Thread: "General setup change for rain?"

    Good luck and enjoy your racing.
    "See you at the finish line"

    ~ NorthernSanta

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