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setup question for a noob :)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Charles Luciano Counts, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Charles Luciano Counts

    Charles Luciano Counts

    Is the setups posted in the setups forum for multiplayer. I raced a little last night and found the default setups not very good. Can you do custom setups in multiplayer. If so how.

    Sorry for being a noob :f1:
  2. xelotfs


    once you make and save a setup you can use it whenever you want
    offline online it doesn't matter is the same.
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Setups posted here are for all forms of the game, your quite right the default setups are pants, if you want to create your own setups then when your in the garage looking at the screen move to the icon on the right its a cog wheel hit enter and you have a number of different aspects of the car to change.

    The easier way although I havent done this yet is when your in the garage you look to the right and click engineer and then engineers setups which will provide you with 5 or 7 setups ranging from suiting wet to dry tracks.
  4. TR6speed


    When I first started I used most of the setups listed here and would play around a little. However I was so tired of winning all the time I started a new career and and set myself to expert and the tire and gas turnd on with the AI at legends. Now I start with the engineers average setup and run some laps and then start tweaking it . I am also running the lond race so I have three practice sessions to get it where it suits my driving style.
  5. sora3


    Depending on the weather, I'd set it up according to the presets then muck around with them. Since I'm restricted to one practice session or none with friends online, I'd tend to stick two setups, one for wet and one for dry. And one more if I'm doing a TT which I'll use the setups for TT here.
  6. glight


    The setups posted here work really well. I prefer Bram's setups they are just about perfect, but I usually add more front wing and loosen the suspension a tad (1-2 notches each). If I had better throttle control I could probably use Bram's setup as is but I am dealing with Bungee corded DFGT pedals so...

    Andrew's setups are great if you love speed, but I can't turn worth a damn (I know thats my fault :wink:)

    Before I start practice I read the setup threads (yes, all the way through) and input the settings until I have 2-4 setups to choose from. From there I do 5-10 laps with each and pick the one I am most comfortable with.

    If you know the tracks like the back of your hand, a change in setup should only improve 0.5 sec or so. It is more important that you know your braking and turning points than if you have the perfect setup.
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