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Discussion in 'R3E Setups' started by UFO4U, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. UFO4U


    Dear racers,
    today I want to share some information to get the right setup for your car! This guide is done for real race cars, but in a well done Simracing-game in relation to physics (Raceroom is one of those, for sure ) its useful as well!
    I'm using it for years now (played mostly older Simbin titles) and it has helped me always, a lot!

    All of you knew by now how important a good setup is,but you always wondered why the setup that you've downloaded from a friend is not suiting you? Your times didn't improve,worst case you're not even capable to drive properly with this particular car/track!
    This is quiet easy, cause we are all human beings with different tastes,feelings and ... other driving styles!
    So the best way to improve is to build your own setup to archieve what you want to!
    The standard settings in RR is a good starting point!
    Some adjustments that you have to do in game like: steering-angle, brake pressure is mostly in relation to your hardware and hardware settings!
    This setup-guide is just about the right settings for the suspension itself!

    I have to add that in my pov its not all about performance/laptimes, its more likely about to feel quiet comfortable while driving your racecar and as a lover of doing Endurance races means: less stress,less errors!
    So lets start:
    First of all we have to split corners into three pieces! Entry, Apex and Exit!
    If you do cornering properly you will notice that the car behaves in different ways! Look closely into that!!
    Is it oversteering at the apex? Or just on exit?
    If you understand what the car does when you drive around a corner,then this is the right thing to read!
    I have to admit that I've not written it by myself,so thanks to the unknown author! I've translated it for you,a bit lazy though so I wrote "the opposite way" but i think its to everyones understanding!
    So, may this helps some of you and
    see ya on track


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  2. Jazz Forsberg

    Jazz Forsberg
    a matter of time Premium

    Cheers Uli.
    I totally agree with you that setup should be aimed to make the car suit your driving style, thus making you more consistent and even faster.
    Setups don't make "magically" improve one's lap times. Even less if you don't know what the car is expected to behave at any given setup. From my pov, the whole point is to understand how a setup alters a car behaviour in order to match it to your driving style as much as possible.
    I really appreciate your effort in posting this to try helping other people with what you know. Thats always welcome, so "chapeau mon ami" !! :)

    PS. oh, and stop practicing or your going to end too fast for me to follow your pace. Stop, now :roflmao:
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  3. Wicked

    Horsepower! My kingdom for some horsepower! Premium

    The problem I always have with setups is that its a endless puzzle. Changing 1 thing might screw up something else etc. It never ends :confused:
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  4. UFO4U


    Yes, I know what you mean! You try to get rid of understeer and end up with some oversteer in the end!:O_o:
    But thats how it is sometimes, life isn't perfect ;)
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